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I received an email from Governor Norman Cooeyate today and, with his permission, am sharing parts of it with all of you. He is justifiably proud of the good news regarding the tribe's 8.7 million dollar purchase of over 14,000 acres in and around Zuni Heaven. Here are some current area newspaper articles about the purchase and what it means to the Zuni People.

Historic Sale Clears Way to Zuni Heaven - The Albuquerque Journal
Zuni Buys Sacred Land - Gallup Independent

"Hello Sister/Brother:

Something that I wanted to share with you regarding one positive accomplishment that I feel proud of. Don’t know why I was selected to finalize this purchase after many administrations tried and failed. The ceremony was done publically, with our elders, religious leaders and school children present as we conducted an official tribal council meeting in the open. I wanted the community to experience what the tribal council does in our chambers and how the process of discussions occur before we approve or disapprove community requests or on items affecting the community. I did not sleep the night, but woke up to a bright warm day. Jackie and Meri were in attendance and had lunch with our invited guests, and I heard comments that they were happy that the “First Lady” supports and backs up what I do in my position.

I have to be in Washington at least 4 times in the next two months, most of it for more than three days in length. I have become more vocal on issues affecting Zuni, but also for the leadership with the All Indian Pueblo Council, since it is difficult to get tenured leadership amongst the 1 year terms that they have. With the new President we can make great strides for our people if we can become united. But in the meantime, I and a few of the leaders will keep making the arguments for all of the tribes in New Mexico.

Keep in touch as I keep you in my prayers and send blessings of good health, prosperity and longevity of life to the both of you and your families.


He went on to say that he still plans to send us an update on the crisis surrounding the Zuni Salt Lake but that the pressure has abated somewhat even if only temporarily.

The Six Sacred Directions of Zuni Fetishes

Here's an article that I just published to explaining a little more of the history and meaning behind the sacred six directions as they apply to either a protective/healing directional set or a hunting set.

I'll continue to add to this little library of articles I've begun as long as there is some interest. So show me some interest, people! *Smile* Share the love, comment, vote, pass it on! Also, if you have a burning question about Zuni fetishes let me know and I'll research till I find you an answer!

NEW Stuff - not quite yet...

We had planned another posting before the end of January but much to our dismay .. it got here too quick! Dave's editing his little fingers to the bone and I will try to get twenty more new and glorious Zuni fetishes posted sometime next week. So please don't go too far!

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