Today is a t-shirt and shorts day and I hate to say it because I know so many of you are still in down parkas and snowshoes! But it's true! Dave and I walked the loop to the gate and back up thru the meadow and the red bud, wild plums and trout lilies are blooming! Lots of the trees (elm, oak, sweet gum) are "blossoming" and the bees are feasting on all the pollen that will soon coat everything in a thick dust and make us all sneezy. Still sneezes are a small price to pay for such beauty, doncha think?

And now ....

the reason you are really here: New stuff tonight @ 7 PM (Texas Time) @ Zunispirits.com. It's no secret times are hard and folks are being very careful with their money. We completely understand. Still, we're going to continue posting new stuff and support the artists in Zuni as long as we are able. We hope that you will continue to stop by, take a look and from time to time, when the budget and your conscience allows, add a piece or two to your collection. It not only keeps the lights on here in Grapeland, Texas, it keeps the lights on in Zuniland, too. In the event things get really dicey, we might move the entire site over the blog (cause it's FREE) but we're crossing our fingers and our toes that it doesn't get that bad.

goodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.com
goodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @Zunispirits.com
goodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.com
goodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.comgoodies posting tonight @ Zunispirits.com

And thanks again

... for all the nice emails and well wishes for Dave. It's so nice to know that all you PEEPS care about the Davester. We're so thankful that we don't have to go down the yellow brick road for a while and that, for the time being at least .. the flying monkeys are not a threat. (Everybody knows all you have to do is throw water at the Wicked Witch .. but those monkeys are SKEERY!)

Springtime Love,
02.27.2009 | Zunispirits.com

The word from Oz ....

NO Flying monkeys!  NO Wicked Witch!

Heart Wiz Conquers the Wicked Witch AND the Flying Monkeys!

Our heart wiz doesn't have a handle-bar moustache or grey hair but he's surely a wizard to us! Seems that Dave just doesn't test well, ha! His heart cath revealed no treatment necessary and his stress test results were just a blip on the radar screen of life. We couldn't be happier!

We received a fistful of monkey defying, witch melting , well wishing emails and we can't thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers. Mwah and a big smooshy hug to each of you.

Baby chicks IZ cute!So I sez to the doc, "so Doc, tell me. Now Dave has NO EXCUSE and should get started right away on my hen house, right?" And the Doc sez, "that's right .. no excuse!" (You gotta love that doc!) Baby Chickies will be enroute to us late next month. Hen House Mansion Construction, Phase I begins next week. YAY!

So Now We're Actually Going To Do Some Work ...

... and post some new stuff to the site late next week. Hope you'll tune in on Friday, February 27th at 7 PM Texas Time.

02.19.2009 | Zunispirits.com

We're off to see the Wizard ..

Tin Man Dave & Dorothy Darlene

The HEART Wizard that is

Dave, the Tin Man, has a heart but it's apparently all clogged up again. He flunked his recent stress test despite the fact he neither passed out OR fell off the treadmill. Apparently there are other standards of excellence required to pass a stress test ...

So we'll be out of the office for at least a couple of days while we travel to the Land of Oz, home of the Heart Cath Wizard. Please pray that we don't encounter any Wicked Witches or Flying Monkeys while we journey.

There's No place like home!
Dorothy Darlene
02.17.2009 | Zunispirits.com
Ahhhh.. the colors of our country sunset in the winter!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you as much love today and always ... Trey & Granny Darlene, 2.14.09
Trey & Darlene, 2.14.09

Site updated!

It's our second posting of new Zuni fetishes this year and we hope you'll stop by and take a look at the new offerings.Included in this listing are the following:

  • Leland Boone, blue slag glass - Badger
  • Stewart Quandelacy, purple fluorite - Medicine Bear
  • Garrick Acque, Picasso marble, Sgraffito - Mountain Lion
  • Vickie Quandelacy, turquoise - Double maiden
  • Russell Shack, chocolate serpentine - Inlaid Mole
  • Emery Eriacho, wild horse - Wolf
  • Stuart Quandelacy, conch shell - Maidens
  • Michael Sanchez, gold-lipped Mother of Pearl - Corn Maiden
  • Edison Bobelu, Serpentine - Hummingbird
  • Claudia Peina, antler - Badger
  • Hubert Pincion, Montana talc - Rabbit family
  • Hubert Pincion, Montana talc - Rabbit
  • Debra Gasper, turquoise - Tadpole
  • Georgette Quam, jet & apple coral - Ladybug
  • Gale Lucio, Colorado white marble - Buffalo pendant
  • Fitz Kiyite, turquoise - Bear
  • Georgette Quam, turquoise - Frog
  • Wilfred Cheama, turquoise - Sea turtle
  • Emery Eriacho, phosphosiderite - Bear
  • Lynn Quam, serpentine - large Medicine Bear
  • Did you know ...

    That each of the fetishes on the index page has a mouseover feature that gives a brief description and price? Just run your mouse over each photo and hold. A small text box will appear that tells the carver, stone and price of that Zuni fetish. Of course, each image is also "clickable" and will open in it's own page so that you may view all the photos and full length text description as well. But the text over feature allows you to quickly go thru the new listings to see which of those you might be most interested in.

    Also, at the top of each page we've added a "breadcrumb" that lets you know where you are and how you got here! We're always looking for ways to make the site easier to navigate. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

    Valentine's Day!

    Don't forget your sweetheart on Valentine's Day! It's just next weekend so quickly approaching and what better way to say "I love you" than with a romantic Zuni fetish? :)

    Our Hubpages ..

    continue to gain in popularity and our 'hubscore' is rising. Still, I'd like to do more to introduce folks to the joys of Zuni fetish collecting so if you have any ideas for articles, please let me know via email.

    Here in the woods

    we're still feeding the birds. The cardinals finally found us a couple of weeks ago. Before we moved up on the hill (about 300 yards) last spring we had lots and lots of cardinals. But they've only just now found us so I guess they've run out of their usual food sources (or maybe they heard we're serving SAFFLOWER seeds now!)

    A dear collector in GA told us that adding safflower seeds to our bird seed mix discourages the squirrels since they hate the odor. Well that's true except for one squirrel we're calling "Jimmy Durante". He doesn't seem to mind the smell at all. Still, Elmer Fudd (aka Dave) isn't suffering from "varmit rage" nearly as bad and our BB supply is steady and holding.

    02.06.2009 | Zunispirits.com

    Troubles?, New stuff & Outta here ...

    Trouble Accessing Zunispirits.com?

    Several of our foreign collectors (on both sides of the planet, unfortunately!) have written to say they can access our email address and our blog but not Zunispirits.com. There aren't any complaints stateside, but if you are having trouble accessing the site, please follow these instructions:

    Click this link: What is my IP address?
    Once you've determined your IP address, describe your "symptoms" and email your IP info to any of these addresses:
    We're working with our web hosting provider to determine the location of the breakdown so we'd appreciate any input from those of you who are experiencing trouble with the site. Thanks!
    02.04.09: Our hosting company (true wizards and stars, they are!) have resolved the issues in Japan and the UK. If you are still having problems .. please follow the above instructions so we can you back online to view Zunispirits.com! Thanks!

    Index page photos ...

    We've added new vintage photos to the slideshow that appears in the header of our index page. We have about half a dozen of these slide shows that we'll plug in from time to time just to keep things interesting. It may slow down the loading of the page the first time you view it .. but all should proceed normally after that first viewing. If this gives any of you a problem .. please advise! Thanks!

    We're away ...

    Dave and I are going to be away from the office 2/2 - 2/4. We'll respond to your emails and orders when we return. Thanks!

    02.02.2009| Zunispirits.com
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