NEW Posting of Zuni fetishes @ Zuni Spirits!

As promised, new carvings have been added to the site at noon, today. I hope you enjoy this selection. I will post again in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

Leonard Halate Fetish necklace
B. 1914 - D. 2001

Best wishes and thanks,

Zuni Spirits

Heads up! New offering 5.30 at NOON

We hope you are enjoying a fine Memorial Day weekend. So many have sacrificed their lives for our freedom! It's only fitting that we take today to remember those who served.

I'll be posting new Zuni fetishes to the site on Thursday, May 30th at noon, central.

In this selection are: a Leonard Halate (d.) Gold-lipped & Mother of pearl necklace, a Rignie (d.) and Lena Boone turquoise wolf, Barlow Quandelacy (d.) jet bear, Edna Leki (d.) turquoise wolf, Alonzo Esalio "Wild horse" eagle, Kateri Sanchez Picasso marble maiden, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam Dolomite medicine bear, Derrick Kaamasee jet raven, Ron Laahty Tiffany stone Wind Maiden, Bernie Laselute Picasso marble badger, Stewart Quandelacy gold-lipped Mother of pearl medicine bear, Alvin Haloo marble horned lizard, Priscilla Lasiloo dolomite long-necked medicine bear, Georgette Quam apple coral ladybug on a leaf, and a Melissa Quam calcite frog.

This blog update is delivered by several methods. Some of you get it via email notification, others in a reader and some of you on Facebook. We cannot be sure when it is delivered to you, or when you read it. So we're sending this notice days in advance to give you a heads up. Some items - those most collectible - will sell quickly and, as always, it's first come, first served.

I'm already working on the next posting which includes a Stewart Quandelacy directional set, and an extremely large Anderson Weahkee turquoise frog from early 90's. Those along with another dozen fetishes or so will be posted in the next few weeks. Thanks for your interest.

Darlene says, "Hi!". We're grateful that her last scans at M.D. Anderson were clean and her two year "Cancerversary" is approaching. (What do you buy a girl for that milestone?) Here are a few of her Spring photos.

Old, abandoned house

Wren babies
Yellow cactus

Heart-felt thanks for all the get well wishes on my recent procedure. I'm feeling much better.

Best wishes all and God bless,

Zuni Spirits