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Hello and thanks for taking a minute to read this announcement!

I've just posted 15 new Zuni fetishes to the site.  Included in this selection are some carvings made in the 1980s by carvers who are no longer with us.  There is a jet bear by Barlow Quandelacy (the elder brother of the Quandelacy siblings who passed away in 1982.)  Rignie Boone was the husband of much-loved Lena Boone and they carved together until his death in eighties.  We have a beautiful jade-like serpentine frog by this couple in this posting.  And lastly, we're pleased to offer a serpentine wolf by Edna Leki.  Edna was the daughter of Teddy Weahkee and the mother of Lena Boone and Dinah Gasper.  All three of these carvings were purchased from the carvers in the 1980s and have been held in a private collection since that time.

In addition to these three very special pieces, I'm pleased to share with you contemporary carvings by Lavies & Daisy Natewa, Fitz Kiyite, Lena Boone, Clissa Martin, Tony Mackel, Leland Boone, Andrew & Laura Quam, Sarah Leekya, Tyrone Poncho, Brian Yatsattie and Daphne Neha.  There are bears, mountain lions, frogs, badgers, birds, turtles, rabbits and even a butterfly.  Lots of great stones - marble, serpentine, jet, Mother of pearl, antler, dolomite, turquoise and more.

We appreciate your patience!  We had planned to post new inventory much earlier in the New Year but sometimes life just has OTHER plans.  We're grateful for your support and both Darlene and I send you our warmest wishes for a happy and early Springtime!

Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

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