The Beat Goes On ...

Well, we hit another speed bump on the road to surviving breast cancer.  The infection that landed me in the hospital in September reared it's ugly head again in October and a third surgery was required to get it all cleaned up.  My surgeon sent me home with a "wound vac" due to the size and depth of the incision and I have had home care nursing three times a week to change dressings since October 14th.  Needless to say, it's been one more frustrating rest stop on this journey but Dave and I continue to be grateful for the technology and skill of my physicians and nurses in getting me well.

Last week's visit to M. D. Anderson and my surgeon indicates another couple of weeks on the wound vac (which applies negative pressure, increases circulation and vacuums off the nasty stuff) and I should graduate to regular bandages and dressings.

Once we clear that hurdle, we're hopeful that we can spend the last weeks of 2011 in getting new inventory on site and start off 2012 with a *BANG*!  Dave and I want to thank you for your cards and emails and well wishes.  It's been a long, hard year but we're so grateful for all our friends who have walked this road with us!

God Bless, Let's Find A CURE! and see you soon!

Darlene (& Dave too!)

Back In The Saddle Again ... (Kind of)

We're Back!

Not nearly up to full speed but Dave and I are slowly, but surely, digging our way back from the year of chaos we've had. I started chemo for breast cancer on January 5th and finished two rounds (Taxol & FAC) on June 1. I had two surgeries this summer and completed six weeks of radiation on September 23. So all my treatment is behind me! Thanks so much to each of you who sent cards, email, gifts and prayers. It's been an amazing journey and now we are ready to get back TO LIFE and our love of Zuni fetishes!

Today was my first full day back in the office and I worked on marking things sold and getting the site back up to date. We are hoping to have a new posting of fetishes up within a couple of weeks, so please do stop in from time to time. We do so appreciate all of you who continued to shop the site especially when it was so badly neglected this year.

We want to resume our schedule of two new Zuni fetish postings a month if time, energy and inventory permits it. And we still have paperback and hard cover copies of our book on hand if you're interested.

Guess that's it for now. When we have the new posting ready to publish you'll receive notice in your inbox. If you're not subscribed .. you may enter your email address in the subcription box on the right, then respond to the confirmation email that you will receive.

Thanks so much!