Site update - Wednesday, 9.9 @ Noon

Dear Zuni Fetish Collectors,

American Beauty Berries
Photo by Darlene

As hard as it is to believe, we have yet another summer almost behind us.  The trees are starting to drop their leaves, the hummingbirds are moving south and school has started for most of the kids.  We'll be "fa-la-la-ing" to Christmas carols before you know it!

A sure sign of getting older is knowing, beyond a doubt, that time is flying by!  Case in point, all of the carvings in the upcoming selection are consigned to us by a long time collector who is downsizing.  Many of these carvings are more than ten years old, and some are from the 1990's.  That seems like yesterday!  In fact, Darlene and I started collecting in the mid-1990's ourselves.  Not long after, on our first trip to Zuni, we became so enamored with all things Zuni, the only LOGICAL thing to do was to become a trader!  And here we are .. almost twenty years later.

The talented folks of Zuni have given us so much joy and pleasure both with their artwork and with their gracious hospitality.  If you haven't made the trip, don't miss an opportunity to visit this magical place.

Unknown carver - black marble mountain lion
Frank Nieto - alabaster bear
Hayes Leekya - Zuni rock sheep

I'll be posting fourteen consigned pieces on Wednesday (Sept. 9) at noon.  I hope you'll stop by to find something you love.

Till then, keep smiling (it makes folks wonder what you've been up to!)

All best wishes,

Zuni Spirits