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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Time for tree trimming and gift wrapping, cooking baking and Santa wishes.  Darlene and I send you our fondest wishes for a blessed, happy Christmas and a productive, happy & healthy 2014.

Here is our last hurrah for 2013.  We hope you enjoy it .. and thanks for all your support!

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LAST posting of 2013 -

Sassy among the Thanksgiving decorations.  
It's hard to believe another year is winding down.  We had an awesome Thanksgiving with our family and now we're looking forward to celebrating Christmas with the kids and grand kids, here in the woods.  Darlene and I hope that you are ending twenty-thirteen on a high note and are rewarded with a healthy and happy twenty-fourteen!
Riggs | Meader | Cates | Romagus & Stuchly Families
Thanksgiving, 2013

Darlene & Molly

We had twenty one family members
at our Thanksgiving table this year.

Lots of good food, fun
and memory making.

One of our best Thanksgiving
holidays ever!

Hannah & Kaylee
Darlene's mom, Lela
Ryan, Darla & Jase
Kaylee & Madison

I'll be adding the last posting of new inventory to on Wednesday evening, Dec. 11, at 7 PM central time.  There should be plenty of time, still, for you last minute Christmas shoppers, barring bad weather, of course.  Keep in mind that we cannot do overnight from our small town post office, so 3-4 days to receive your parcels this time of year is not unusual.

Thanks for your interest, as always.  We'll see you in a couple of days, here on the www.

Best always,
Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits

New Zuni Fetishes @ 

Tonight at 7 PM I added new fetishes to  Some of the carvings are from ten-twelve years ago and consigned to us from a collector who is downsizing her substantial collection. Additionally, there are carvings in this collection from Rignie Boone, Edna Leki and Barlow Quandelacy - all of whom have passed on.  And we're pleased to present an early Rickson Kalestewa in this showing.  Don't miss this opportunity to add these special pieces to your collection. 

I am hoping to post two more times before Christmas if life doesn't intervene!  Thanks to those of you who sent get well wishes during my recent hospital stay.  I am happy to say my blood tests have returned to normal after a transfusion of FIVE units of blood!  (Having blood is a very good thing!)  I feel better than I have in months!   Darlene is having her six month scans on Friday and we're crossing our fingers for another cancer free report.  She continues to do well but is having some issues with lymphedema and is having physical therapy weekly for that.  Lately, if it wasn't for doctor visits, we'd have no social life at all!

Thanks again for your concern and prayers - it's much appreciated.

Best always,

Zuni Spirits

Rounding out September with NEW STUFF!

Well, it's been a heck of a month.  Just about every kind of technological problem that could occur, DID!  It's possible that we've lost the last five years of our database, so when ordering, don't be surprised if we ask you to confirm your shipping information.  We're still hopeful we can restore it, but just in case ...

I hope you think this posting has been worth the wait!  There are some real beauties here.

September posting at
Click anywhere on photo to be
magically transported to!

I'm hoping to pick up the pace a little in the weeks ahead to get as much inventory on site as I can before the holidays.  It's hard to believe it's October - tomorrow!  I hope you're enjoying the cooler weather, we sure are!

Thanks, as always, for your kind attention.  

Only the best,

Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits

Why does today feel like MONDAY?

RANT Alert!:  The hosting company we've used since 1995 has decided to change the way we've ALWAYS gotten our email (since 1995) so we're having some email issues (that we didn't have since 1995) without the slightest warning that a change was coming!

I'm having a bad day.

If you've emailed us at our addresses, please resend to  Hopefully all will be resolved soon.

Zuni Spirits

New Zuni Fetishes - Last posting of August

I've just added new inventory to the site.  Hope you'll take a look!  Remember to refresh your browswer and enter at this link for the most current site available: 

Best always,

Zuni Spirits

Final posting for August!

Heads up!  New inventory coming to on Wednesday, 8.21 at 8:00 pm, Texas time!

Lots of beauties in this showing.  Carvings by Derrick Kaamasee, Priscilla Lasiloo, Leland Boone, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Clissa Martin, Calvert Bowannie, Stewart Quandelacy, Stephen Natachu, Al Lasiloo, Verla Lasiloo Jim, Hayes Leekya, Felino Eriacho, Jonas Hustito & Curtis Garcia.  We also have a bear carved by Anderson Weahkee carved in 1993.

Eagles, bears, beavers, frogs .. and more.  Lepidolite, Rainbow fluorite, Turquoise, and "found stones" (I always love those!)

Hope you'll tune in and take a look.  Thanks, as always .. and God bless!

Zuni Spirits

Hot. Hot. Hot.

Thank you, Lord, for air conditioning!  I hope everyone is staying as cool as possible in this heat.  You gotta love summertime in ______.  (Insert your location here.)

Just a quick heads up that I'm posting new inventory/consigned pieces on Saturday, August 10th at 8 PM, Texas time.  Here's what's coming:

Ed Lementino, Jayne Quam, Eddington Hannaweeke, Hayes Leekya, Herbert Him, Randy Lucio, Leland Boone, Ephran Chavez, Staley Natewa, Clissa Martinez, Stewart Quandelacy, Jarvis Bellson, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam and Lavies & Daisy Natewa .. Zebra stone, Egyptian marble, Fossil Ivory, Pipestone, Fossil marble, Apple coral, Angelite, Serpentine, Picasso marble, Gold lipped Mother of Pearl, Jet ... Bears, Corn Maidens and Lizards .. and MORE!

Have a good rest of the week!

Zuni Spirits - Site update!

As promised, has been updated with almost twenty new carvings.  NEW to the site .. but many are blasts from the past, having been carved a decade or more ago.  In addition to the new items, I've added some carvings to the sale section.  I hope you'll tune in and check it out!

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Zuni Spirits

July 19 - Next new posting of Zuni fetishes!

Edna Leki (d.)
Hello out there in cyber world!

I hope everybody is enjoying their summer.  It's typically hot and humid here in east Texas but we've enjoyed some rain recently and that makes everybody happy.  

Darlene makes humming bird nectar every few days as our feeders are constantly under surveillance by our flock of hummers.  She's enjoyed watching the two clutches of baby Eastern Phoebe flycatchers, and two clutches of baby Carolina Wrens.  The flycatchers built a nest of moss and pine needles above our front door and the wrens .. well, the wrens have no pride.  They built their hap-hazard nest in a bucket (turned sideways) on top of the chicken coop!  So much for country life!

Stewart Quandelacy
Y. Robert Halusewa

I'm posting some beauties this Friday (7.19) at noon, Texas time, to  You'll want to tune in because in this selection are both recently carved fetishes and some from the past.

  Beautiful stones and sought-after carvers and I've also marked some things down, so check out our sale items, too.

Albert Calavaza
Kateri Sanchez
Stewart Quandelacy

So, we hope to see you persuing the "aisles" here at on Friday at noon.  Till then, have a good week and thanks for your interest.

Zuni Spirits

June 30 - New selections at

I was reflecting on my first experience with Zuni fetishes the other day.  In our early dating days, Darlene presented me with a large (5" long) jet mountain lion by Prudencia Quam in a beaded fetish bag for my birthday.  Not long after, she and I were fortunate enough to have an extended adventure in the southwest and our first trip to Zuniland.  It changed our lives in a magical way.

Quam Lunasee Calcite Bear

As a child, then as a student and even now, crystalline stones have always been my favorite visual objects. The way light plays through them is kaleidoscopic, magical and as mesmerizing as watching a campfire is. The nature contained inside of stones and how they were formed was important for me to learn in college, and also to understand the processes that formed them. Finding them buried in the ground has always been exciting to me and important, too, as much of my free time outside of my schoolwork was consumed exploring the subject. Even on river trips, Darlene and I could often be found exploring the perimeters of our campsites for "pretty" rocks.

Jayne Quam Jet inlaid wolf

Being able to bring Zuni fetishes to the global online marketplace has become my life and brings me incredible joy, happiness and satisfaction, and I have the carvers of Zuni, the Center Place, to thank for it. Elahkwa, my friends.

Anderson Weahkee (d.) Turquoise frog

I'm posting fifteen new offerings at at 7 PM this evening (6.30.13), Texas time.  There are some remarkable carvings from the eighties .. several by deceased carvers whose styles live on in the work of their siblings and other descendents.  A fabulous directional set by Stewart Quandelacy - a first for Zuni Spirits - caused a moral dilemma because we are, after all, still collectors ourselves!

Thank YOU for taking the time to share this wonderful journey with us.  I hope you enjoy this posting.

Best wishes and thanks,

Zuni Spirits

NEW Posting of Zuni fetishes @ Zuni Spirits!

As promised, new carvings have been added to the site at noon, today. I hope you enjoy this selection. I will post again in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

Leonard Halate Fetish necklace
B. 1914 - D. 2001

Best wishes and thanks,

Zuni Spirits

Heads up! New offering 5.30 at NOON

We hope you are enjoying a fine Memorial Day weekend. So many have sacrificed their lives for our freedom! It's only fitting that we take today to remember those who served.

I'll be posting new Zuni fetishes to the site on Thursday, May 30th at noon, central.

In this selection are: a Leonard Halate (d.) Gold-lipped & Mother of pearl necklace, a Rignie (d.) and Lena Boone turquoise wolf, Barlow Quandelacy (d.) jet bear, Edna Leki (d.) turquoise wolf, Alonzo Esalio "Wild horse" eagle, Kateri Sanchez Picasso marble maiden, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam Dolomite medicine bear, Derrick Kaamasee jet raven, Ron Laahty Tiffany stone Wind Maiden, Bernie Laselute Picasso marble badger, Stewart Quandelacy gold-lipped Mother of pearl medicine bear, Alvin Haloo marble horned lizard, Priscilla Lasiloo dolomite long-necked medicine bear, Georgette Quam apple coral ladybug on a leaf, and a Melissa Quam calcite frog.

This blog update is delivered by several methods. Some of you get it via email notification, others in a reader and some of you on Facebook. We cannot be sure when it is delivered to you, or when you read it. So we're sending this notice days in advance to give you a heads up. Some items - those most collectible - will sell quickly and, as always, it's first come, first served.

I'm already working on the next posting which includes a Stewart Quandelacy directional set, and an extremely large Anderson Weahkee turquoise frog from early 90's. Those along with another dozen fetishes or so will be posted in the next few weeks. Thanks for your interest.

Darlene says, "Hi!". We're grateful that her last scans at M.D. Anderson were clean and her two year "Cancerversary" is approaching. (What do you buy a girl for that milestone?) Here are a few of her Spring photos.

Old, abandoned house

Wren babies
Yellow cactus

Heart-felt thanks for all the get well wishes on my recent procedure. I'm feeling much better.

Best wishes all and God bless,

Zuni Spirits