New Zuni Fetishes @

As promised, I've posted sixteen new fetishes to the website this evening.  They can all be viewed at  Don't forget that each of the images are "clickable" and will take you to a single page with lots more photos and detailed information about the carving, stone and artist, along with dimensions and pricing.

Of particular note in this selection are some carvings by Barlow Quandelacy (d.), Francis Leekya (d.) and an early carving by Annette Tsikewa.  There are a couple of remarkable medicine bears by Stewart Quandelacy and an adorable rabbit with dragonfly inlay by Clissa Martin.  There are some beautiful stones and spectacular pieces now available on the site!

There will be some changes implemented soon with regard to foreign shipments.  A recent experience with a lost, uninsured (by choice of the collector) parcel forces us to rethink our flexibility with regard to foreign shipments.  We'll post the new policy here in a future newsletter.  

Despite the fact that it's late April, I know lots of you are still getting snow and cold weather.  So I'll refrain from sharing Darlene's recent wildflower photos with you .. but suffice it to say that we, here in Texas, have enjoyed a beautiful Spring.

Best wishes all and God bless,

Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits

New Zuni Fetishes - 4.22.13 @ 7 PM (C) -

Greetings fellow Zuni fetish collectors!

Just a brief note to let you know I am adding a collection of new Zuni fetishes to on Tuesday (4/22) evening at 7 PM central time.

There are some real beauties in this selection .. I hope you'll tune in.  I'll be in touch again Tuesday evening with a site update.  Till then, here's hoping we all have a better week than our nation experienced last week.

God bless,

Zuni Spirits