Zunispirits Site Update: Tuesday, April 8th @ 7 PM Central

Lunasee, Quam, Laate, Gasper, Yatsattie, Leekya, Shack, Suitza, Kiyite, Chattin, Lementino, Weekoty & Westika.

Jasper, Antler, Ricolite, #8 Turquoise, Sandstone, Zuni rock, Picasso marble, Jet & Petosky stone.

Horses, Bears, Bunnies, Birds, Eagles, Kachinas, Bulls, Corn maidens & Bobcats.
Tuesday, 4.8.14, 7 PM

I hope everyone is enjoying the newness of spring.  Our place is alive with bluebonnets, dogwoods and birdsong.  I'll be updating the site with new inventory on Tuesday, the eighth at 7 PM, Central.  Hope to see you there.

Zuni Spirits