08.13.2018 .... Additions to Zunispirits.com

Hello and Happy Monday!

I've just completed adding these ten items (all clickable links) to Zunispirits.com.:

Herbert Him Ricolite Turtle

Jayne Quam Phosphosiderite Inlaid Turtle

Kateri Sanchez Labradorite Owl

Loren Tsalabutie Magnesite Hematite Frog

Pete (d.) and Dinah Gasper Serpentine Frog

Reynold Lunasee Ricolite Fish

Staley Natewa (d.) Picasso marble Horned lizard

Staley Natewa (d.) Augite Frog

Wilfred Cheama, Picasso marble Bobcat

Albert Eustace Colorado White Marble Large Bear

We hope you'll zip on over to the website to view these and all the other beautiful things we are currently offering at Zunispirits.com.  We hope to get a few more new items on before the end of the month.

Please email us with any questions you might have.  Orders should be sent to zunispirits@yahoo.com.  Remember you may complete your purchase entirely online, paying via our invoice on Paypal.com.  We'll send you a tracking number as soon as your parcel ships via USPS.  Thanks so much for reading this!

Have a great evening!  Come see us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

Dave & Darlene
Zuni Spirits