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Hello from East Texas!

We'll try to be brief but there's lots to tell!  This will (hopefully) be the last posting from this blog.  Darlene has been trying for months to design and move everything to a newly designed website.  And we plan to have it go live soon.

No worries - you'll still find us at  But if you want to take a peek at how we'll look in the future, Check out   It's a wordpress site and easier for us to maintain and has less 'old school baggage'. Once we've got everything working properly, we'll eliminate the secondary account and be solely functional at

Instagram Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

We want you all to know that we're also on Instagram  and Facebook.  So, while we may start an updated blog to keep you appraised of new items, we hope you'll follow us on Instagram and like our page on Facebook.   Darlene also has a Zuni Spirits Pinterest board, and her art website is
Darlene's Website Screenshot

Whew!  Remember when life used to be simple with LESS technology? HA!

So, Darlene has updated the website today with some new items!  There's standing bear by Miguel Haloo (d.) (a member of the George CheeChee Haloo family), works by Hubert Pincion, Maxx Laate, a gorgeous black coral frog by Lena Boone, Daniel Chattin and two master carver pieces, one by Lance Cheama and another lifetime acquisition piece by Staley Natewa (d.).

Lena Boone | Black Coral | Frog
Lance Cheama | Picasso marble | Dir Set

Staley Natewa (d.) | Picasso marble Eagle & Pueblo

We hope you'll click on over and take a look.  We also have a sale section and we're adding to that in the next week or so.

Darlene and I send our best wishes for a great ending to summer of 2019.  We're baking in Texas, as usual, but we had an abundance of rain earlier in the year, so things aren't quite parched just yet.

Thanks for hanging in there with us all these years.  As we get the new site completed we are planning to relinquish some of our personal collection pieces to new homes, so stay tuned for that.

All best wishes,

Zuni Spirits