Site update - 3/23/16 at noon

Greetings!  Just a quick heads up that I am adding ten new pieces to on Wednesday (Mar. 23) at noon.  Jayne Quam, Dinah Gasper, Hudson Sandy, Stephen Natachu, Albert Eustace, Vernon Lunasee and Prudencia Quam round out this small, but wonderful, posting.  Hope you'll tune in.

Many thanks!

Zuni Spirits

Zunispirits Site UPDATE!

Greetings from stormy Texas!

It's hard to believe that windy March is already upon us .. and here in Texas, along with the rather typical threat of flooding, hail and tornados!  The price we pay for having bluebonnets and longhorns for neighbors, I guess.

I hope you and yours are well and looking forward to a change in the seasons.  Darlene has been practicing "catch and release" with the wild violets she finds in the woods and then relocates them to her flower beds.  It really doesn't take much to make her happy.  Another of her paintings was awarded recognition at two shows recently.  If you haven't visited her website,, you should check it out.  I've attached a few links at the bottom of this page.

I've been busy, too, and have the first March posting of new Zuni fetishes ready for your inspection on Tuesday (3.8) at noon.  There are carvings from Lena Boone, Claudia Peina, Max Laate and LOTS of Quams:  Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia, Georgette, Melissa and Lynn.  Esteban Najera, Justin Red Elk and Pete & Dinah Gasper round it out.

You'll find carvings in antler, fish rock (also known as chocolate serpentine), turrquoise, abalone, alunite, jet, angelite and a "found" stone.  (I always LOVE those!)

And there are frogs, owls, bears, fox, buffalo, eagle, badger - a dove and even a hornet!  Here's a sneak peek:

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.

All best wishes,

Zuni Spirits

Here are a few of Darlene's latest works:

Robbies Wren

Divine Light

Late Summer, Houston County