New Zuni Fetishes .... 6.20.14 ... Noon, CT

Hello!  I hope this finds you all well and enjoying life.

I'll  be posting new Zuni fetishes to at noon on Friday, June 20th.  In this selection are carvings by the following carvers:  Sandra Quandelacy, Brion Hattie, Lynn Quam, Ron Laahty, Lena Boone, Hayes Leekya and more.  Stones include:  chrysocolla, pipestone, Orthoceras fossil marble, turquoise, apple coral, leopard skin jasper and dream stone.    There are maidens, bears, rabbits, buffalo, horses and a raven, among others.

I hope you'll tune in, and we thank you for your continued support of!

All best wishes,

Zuni Spirits