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I received an email from Governor Norman Cooeyate today and, with his permission, am sharing parts of it with all of you. He is justifiably proud of the good news regarding the tribe's 8.7 million dollar purchase of over 14,000 acres in and around Zuni Heaven. Here are some current area newspaper articles about the purchase and what it means to the Zuni People.

Historic Sale Clears Way to Zuni Heaven - The Albuquerque Journal
Zuni Buys Sacred Land - Gallup Independent

"Hello Sister/Brother:

Something that I wanted to share with you regarding one positive accomplishment that I feel proud of. Don’t know why I was selected to finalize this purchase after many administrations tried and failed. The ceremony was done publically, with our elders, religious leaders and school children present as we conducted an official tribal council meeting in the open. I wanted the community to experience what the tribal council does in our chambers and how the process of discussions occur before we approve or disapprove community requests or on items affecting the community. I did not sleep the night, but woke up to a bright warm day. Jackie and Meri were in attendance and had lunch with our invited guests, and I heard comments that they were happy that the “First Lady” supports and backs up what I do in my position.

I have to be in Washington at least 4 times in the next two months, most of it for more than three days in length. I have become more vocal on issues affecting Zuni, but also for the leadership with the All Indian Pueblo Council, since it is difficult to get tenured leadership amongst the 1 year terms that they have. With the new President we can make great strides for our people if we can become united. But in the meantime, I and a few of the leaders will keep making the arguments for all of the tribes in New Mexico.

Keep in touch as I keep you in my prayers and send blessings of good health, prosperity and longevity of life to the both of you and your families.


He went on to say that he still plans to send us an update on the crisis surrounding the Zuni Salt Lake but that the pressure has abated somewhat even if only temporarily.

The Six Sacred Directions of Zuni Fetishes

Here's an article that I just published to explaining a little more of the history and meaning behind the sacred six directions as they apply to either a protective/healing directional set or a hunting set.

I'll continue to add to this little library of articles I've begun as long as there is some interest. So show me some interest, people! *Smile* Share the love, comment, vote, pass it on! Also, if you have a burning question about Zuni fetishes let me know and I'll research till I find you an answer!

NEW Stuff - not quite yet...

We had planned another posting before the end of January but much to our dismay .. it got here too quick! Dave's editing his little fingers to the bone and I will try to get twenty more new and glorious Zuni fetishes posted sometime next week. So please don't go too far!

More bells and whistles @

I've added a chat forum to the site. You may access it off the index page under the "Contact" menu. Let me know if you have any difficulties using it. Dave and I are usually on the computer throughout the day and most evenings you can catch us for a few hours. You can also chat with us via aol im and yahoo im and our id name is (imagine that?) zunispirits.

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So I guess that's it until the new posting next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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01.22.08 - New Stuff!

New Zuni Fetishes @

Our first posting of '09 will be at 7 PM on Thursday, January 22nd. There are some real beauties in this selection of 20 new carvings. Artists include Herbert Him, Sandra Quandelacy, Randy Lucio, Andres Quandelacy, Lynn Quam, Stewart Quandelacy, Jayne Quam, Jonas Hustito, Emery Eriacho, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Amos Pooacha, Stuart Quandelacy, Russell Shack, Derrick Kaamasee, Brian Hattie, Herbert Halate & Claudia Peina.
And you'll see some gorgeous carvings made of antler, amber, turquoise, lapis, Picasso marble, black marble, serpentine, "Wild Horse", shell, pipestone, Egyptian marble and augite. This will be our first of two showings in January, so stay tuned!

Bears: Destination Nepal

The "Journey of the Bears" is now complete! Dr. Kottler and crew returned from Nepal just a few days ago and by his account the fetishes were a HUGE hit with the students and teachers. He also writes this to all of you:
"I wish to humbly and gratefully acknowledge all the generous contributions and donations of Zuni Spirts collectors. Through your kind offerings, 73 children and more than 25 teachers in remote Nepal were given gifts of a fetish to inspire their education and introduce them to the Zuni culture. A letter from the governor of the Zuni Nation was translated into Nepali and read to each of the 8 schools where we operate, from Chitwan near the Indian Border to Lumjung near the Tibetan border, to the Everest area and Kathmandu valley. On behalf of the Madhav Ghimire Foundation, devoted to providing educational opportunities for girls who would not otherwise be able to attend school, I thank you all deeply for your kindness and caring. Just think about the idea that in rural Nepal, 3 or 4 days walk from the nearest road, there is a little girl who lives in a mud hut the size of a closet, and she has a fetish as one of her most cherished possessions. These are children who don't own shoes, who walk barefoot in the Himalayas, who are starving and at-risk to be sold into sex slavery, yet your help has made it possible for many of them to remain in school for another year.
Most sincerely, Jeffrey Kottler Chief Executive Officer, Madhav Ghimire Foundation
I'm hoping there will be more photos to come and, of course, with Dr. Kottler's permission, we will share them all with you -- right here>

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New elements on index page

When I overhauled the site a few weeks ago, I made some design changes that you may not be aware of. For instance, have you noticed the vintage photo show that is part of our logo banner? Over the years, we have collected (from various sources) a variety of antique photos of puebloan peoples and places. We'll update these from time to time to keep it interesting and we hope you think the photos are as beautiful as we do.
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Just below this ZS Blog banner are our link headings. If you mouse over you'll see that each one has a "drop down" menu providing other alternatives. (This should work for most browsers and machines but if you have an issue, please advise.) You'll find all the new Zuni fetishes are on one page, as are any sale items, fetishes listed by carver and items sold this listing or to-date for the year. You can just the "back to the top" links to move around on this page. Each of the thumbnail images will have text (if you mouse over) that tells the carver, material and price but each image is also "clickable" to a full page of information, more photos and further description about this fetish.
Screen shot of the new Zuni Spirits index page

As "Zunispirits", I am writing a series of articles that further express our passion and experience with Zuni fetishes. We hope you'll visit these pages, make comments & suggestions and perhaps pass them on to friends who might also enjoy learning more about this wonderful art form and the talented artisans of Zuni!

We are also on Facebook. Click the link to become a "fan" of! We will post announcements here and there is an opportunity to comment on various questions or polls I will initiate. Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to find old friends from school, college, your old neighborhood - or meet new ones that share your interests and hobbies! For Zuni Spirits it is just another means of introducing newbies to our passion and educating those who have not yet been exposed to the joys of Zuni fetish collecting!
Thanks ya'll!
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NEW STUFF! ... Almost but not quite YET ...

New arrivals from Zuni yesterday!

Wow ... wait until you see what WE got yesterday from Zuni! It's been a while since we've seen this level of creative energy and Dave and I can't wait to show you all the new Zuni fetishes that arrived in yesterday's mail. We're in the process of inventorying them all in and Dave will begin taking photos this weekend. Next week we're hoping to get a new posting on the site (we're shooting for 1/21) and hopefully we'll get another on within a week or so.

There are some AMAZING pieces coming to a Zuni Web Gallery near you -- and you know I wouldn't kid about that, cowboys and cowgirls!

Another entry at!

I've just published a new article as "Zunispirits" on It's kind of a timeline on how Dave and I got into this whole Zuni-fetish-trading-line-of-work. It was a fluke - and a very happy one at that. Anyway .. hope you'll check it out. And if you have any ideas for other articles you'd like to see written about this passion we all share - give a holler.

And further announcements from your sponsor ...

Ephran Chavez says his shipment will be delayed a bit but we're still looking forward to getting some new work by him.

And we heard from Troy Sice last weekend. He's also working on an order for us. We're really excited about the possibility of getting some new pieces from he and brother, Gabe. They are both very talented young guys and we love their fabulously inlaid pieces.

And we've started a page for on Facebook. It's just another means of communication about what's going on at the site and with Zuni fetishes. You can check it out here and post a comment if you like!

So that's it for this time. I hope you're all well, staying warm and having a great start to the New Year!
Talk to you next week! Happy weekend!

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Almost done ... with the site overhaul!

Okay .. what WAS I thinking? Boxes of Christmas decorations still lurking in dark corners, end of year accounting (big Ewwww!), both the kid's birthdays, post-holiday doldrums PLUS a major case of hoof-and-mouth-bird-flu-diptheria-crud and I feel the need to "re-deaux" the site.

Not only that -- I made an announcement that I was re-doing the site so I know you are all just sitting on the edge of your chairs anticipating it. (smile)

Well, it's almost done .. all the major stuff is back up though it's pretty skimpy until we get new inventory in (due next week). If you find any major bugs, broken links, silly typos, dumb mistakes (remember I've been taking meds!) ... please be so kind as to point them out (without laughing, please). I do try to run a tight ship around here. (another smile) We should have the remaining pages finished and a new posting ready by 1/21 or thereabouts. Thanks for your patience while we de-ornamented, coughed and fed the birds - a lot.

And speaking of that .. here are a few photos of the goldfinches visiting us this past week. They usually don't arrive until January .. but they've been here about six weeks already .. and we NEVER get to see them in full color. For some reason (global warming, I am sure) the males are already wearing their spring wardrobe and they are quite fetching.

We really enjoy feeding the birds but Dave (aka "Elmer Fudd") has a positively outrageous vendetta going with the squirrels. Why it is "okay" to feed the birds and not the squirrels ( "they should be eating acorns!") is beyond the scope of female logic but maybe the rest of you guys get it. He only shoos them away with a BB gun and they don't go far or for very long! I guess they're on to Dave and know his bark is way worse than his bite.

Poor, pitiful squirrel ... NOT!
News travels fast in the woods, I suppose.

I talked with Ephran Chavez last week. He's sending us a few pieces. Ephran is the (former) step-son of Herbert Him and he and his cousins (David & Vince) and his uncle (Leroy) used to sell to us quite frequently on our trips to Zuni. Leroy was known for his little ojo pieces that we all enjoyed so very much. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. And Ephran says that he and David haven't been carving as much as in years past. Ephran has been working for a quarry that mines the moss rocks off the mesas around Zuni. But now that it's winter he has been laid off. We look forward to getting his shipment.

And we're looking forward to sharing all the new guys when they arrive. We know that everyone is tightening their belts but we hope we can entice you all a little with a pretty bear or two. We're going to do our level best anyway! Thanks for looking.

Till later this month ... be happy!
01.08.2008 - Darlene