New Zuni Fetishes @

Greetings from Texas!

New Zuni fetishes were posted to last night.  

There are carvings from Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Stewart Quandelacy, Russell Shack, Jeff Eriacho, Jayne Quam, Carol Martinez, Lance Cheama, Leland Boone, Derrick Kaamasee and others.

Lapis, turquoise, spiney oyster, dolomite, apple coral  and marble are some of the stones represented in the form of bears, wolves, turtles, horses, owls and badgers.

I hope you'll visit us soon.  Order via email and pay via paypal.  Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Zuni Spirits

Coming soon!

East Texas Dogwoods just outside our door 

I know much of the country is still wrapped in winter's blanket of snow but here, in Texas, we're enjoying the first glimpse of wildflowers and the dogwoods are blooming.  So have faith, northern neighbors, Spring IS coming.

Our patch of bluebonnets

So is a new selection of Zuni fetishes @!  I'm planning a posting for Thursday evening (3.21.) so keep an eye on your inbox, or check the site in the evening hours.

Here's a few teaser photos just to peak your curiosity!

Carol Martinez | Picasso marble | Mare and foal

Derrick Kaamasee | Apple coral | Owl and snake

Stewart Quandelacy | Spiney Oyster | Medicine bear
Lots more beauties to come!  Another blog post will announce that the new carvings are up and available for sale Thursday evening.  Thanks for your attention and talk to you soon!

Always my best,

Zuni Spirits