New Zuni Fetishes @ 

Tonight at 7 PM I added new fetishes to  Some of the carvings are from ten-twelve years ago and consigned to us from a collector who is downsizing her substantial collection. Additionally, there are carvings in this collection from Rignie Boone, Edna Leki and Barlow Quandelacy - all of whom have passed on.  And we're pleased to present an early Rickson Kalestewa in this showing.  Don't miss this opportunity to add these special pieces to your collection. 

I am hoping to post two more times before Christmas if life doesn't intervene!  Thanks to those of you who sent get well wishes during my recent hospital stay.  I am happy to say my blood tests have returned to normal after a transfusion of FIVE units of blood!  (Having blood is a very good thing!)  I feel better than I have in months!   Darlene is having her six month scans on Friday and we're crossing our fingers for another cancer free report.  She continues to do well but is having some issues with lymphedema and is having physical therapy weekly for that.  Lately, if it wasn't for doctor visits, we'd have no social life at all!

Thanks again for your concern and prayers - it's much appreciated.

Best always,

Zuni Spirits