Greetings Fellow Zuni Fetish Collectors!

Just a quick note to let you know that we have marked down a significant number of beautiful carvings on  Just click the link and the scroll down until you see the sale section.

You'll find carvings by: Ronnie Lunasee, Randy Lucio, Marilyn Quam, Brian Yatsattie, Willard Laate, Eldred Quam, Robert Michael Weahkee, Josh Leki, Ron Laahty, Bernard Homer, Jr., Hayes Leekya, Clissa Martin & more. Visit today!

I'd like to invite you also to visit Darlene's site. She's entered several shows this summer and took best of show with her first entry, early this spring.  You can email her directly at

 She continues to do well after breast cancer and slowly, but surely, her strength has returned. While still a patient at M. D. Anderson in Houston, at this point, she's only being seen a few times a year as a precaution. We're grateful for her recovery and her "cancer free" status.

Together, we send you our warmest wishes.  Have a great, safe summer and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best always,

Zuni Spirits