Site update: Nieto, Natewa, L. Cheama, S. Quandelacy & MORE!

Greetings all!

Dave and I hope this finds you all healthy and happy. Life, here on The Dirt Road, is pretty good.

It's starting to look a little bit like fall.

We have been working hard to get all these lovely carvings on the site in time for your holiday shopping.  We are planning two more postings this month, and maybe three if our spunk holds out!

Here's what's coming up on Saturday, Nov. 5 at noon:

There are pieces by Vern Nieto, Staley Natewa (d.), Pernell Laate (d.), Herbert Him, Lance Cheama, Wilfred Cheama, Michael Coble, Lynn Quam, Jayne Quam, Lena Boone, Stewart Quandelacy, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam and Albert Eustace. We hope you'll tune in!  Thanks for taking a look and have a great weekend!

Dave & Darlene
Zuni Spirits

Site Update: (Natewa, Cheama, Honawa, Delena .. etc.)

We have been given the opportunity to share with all of you an estate collection that is being liquidated.  Over the coming weeks we will be sharing some of the finest examples of Zuni craftsmanship that we have ever seen.  Most of these carvings were collected more than twenty years ago.

Friday, October 21, we will list a few of these, along with a variety of other beautiful carvings. 

We urge all of you serious collectors to keep a close watch on our site between now and the holidays.  You'll be glad you did.

Dave and I are grateful for your continued support of and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

All best wishes,

Dave & Darlene
Zuni Spirits

Lions and Foxes and Bears .. oh my!

Added this beauties to yesterday!
Hope you'll tune it to see these, up close & personal, along
with all the other beautiful carvings
currently available at

Zuni Spirits

Site update! Tomorrow, 9/20, 7 PM -

Dear Zuni Fetish People!

Just a quick update to let you know I'm adding new inventory to tomorrow, 9/21 at 7PM.
Your source for fine Zuni fetish carvings!

There are carvings by Lena Boone, Anthony Mecale, Hubert Pincion, Lance Cheama, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Emery Boone and others.  Turquoise, jet, Cortez gold, dolomite and gold-lipped Mother of pearl and other beautiful stones in this selection.  Hope you'll tune in!

This will be my last "solo" posting as I've convinced Darlene to rejoin the Zuni Spirits team.  She is still pursuing her art, but will be participating more in creative aspect of Zuni Spirits from here on out.

We are excited about the future!  Her health remains stable and we have been given an excellent opportunity to share some fabulous, older and high end carvings with you in the near future so we hope you'll stick around for that!

We appreciate your patronage! 

Best always,

Zuni Spirits

Site Update | Wed., 8/24, 7 PM | NEW INVENTORY!

Greetings Zuni Art Collectors:

Just a quick note to let you know that new inventory will be added to on Wednesday, August 24th at 7 PM Texas time.

There will be pieces by Lena Boone, Ruben Najera, Andres Quandelacy, Maxx Laate, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Lynn Quam, Marilyn Quam, Karen Zunie, Pete (d. ) and Dinah Gasper and others.  Really nice showing ... here's a teaser pic!

Thanks for looking and hope to hear from you soon! 

All best wishes,

Zuni Spirits

Summer site update! New carvings @

Greetings and Salutations!

 It is my fondest wish that this finds you well and happy. We are in the throes of summer, here in Texas, so "hot as blazes" aptly describes the world outside our air conditioned walls!

 I just wanted to give you a heads up that I am posting new inventory to on Thursday, July 21 at 7 PM, central. This posting includes fetish carvings by Andres Quandelacy, Debra Gasper, Lena Boone, Lynn Quam, Florentino Martinez, Wilfred Cheama, Maxx Laate and others. There are bears, badgers, roses, eagles and mountain lions, to name a few. And the stones include alabaster, turquoise, orthoceras marble, jet, alunite selenite, fossil ivory and pipestone.

Here's a peek:

Hope you enjoy this posting of fabulous Zuni fetishes from the talented artisans of Zuni Pueblo.

All best wishes! 

Zuni Spirits

Hot Fun In The Summertime! New Inventory!

Hello everyone,

I hope this note finds you well and happy and looking forward to a fun summer.

I will be posting a nice selection of new carvings to on Thursday (June 9) evening at 7 PM.

Included in this showing are carvings by:  Hubert Pincion, Lena Boone, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Destry Suitza, Emery Boone, Maxx Laate, Randy Lucio, an early carving by Daniel Chattin, Andrew & Laura Quam, Lynn Quam, Pete (d.) and Dinah Gasper, Hudson Sandy, and Albert Eustace.

Click here to - Fine Zuni Fetish Carvings 

There are bears, frogs, eagles, buffalo, corn maidens, horses - a SABER toothed tiger - and even an alligator.  Lots of creativity in this selection!  Stones include turquoise, marble, jasper, Petosky stone, gold-lipped Mother of pearl, antler, jet, Montana Talc and Cortez Gold.

I hope you'll tune in and we look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Zuni Spirits

Site update! - April 22, @ Noon!

Hello from soggy Texas!

While our neighbors to the south and west experienced terrible flooding this week, we remain high and dry here on our sand hill in east Texas and for that, we're grateful!  Thanks to those who wrote or called to ask about us!

Just a brief note here to let you know that I am posting new Zuni fetishes to on Friday (4/22) at noon.  Included in this selection will be carvings by Francis Leekya (d.), Troy Sice, Ruben Najera, Bill Tsikewa, Sr., Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Neil Natewa, Sr. (d.), Rickson Kalestewa, Terry Banteah (d.), Hubert Pincion, Pete (d.) and Dinah Gasper and Delvin Leekya.

There are frogs, mountain lions, rams, horses and more in this offering.  Pipestone, Mother of Pearl, turquoise, dolomite, fossil ivory, malachite, Picasso marble and other stones included.   I hope you'll visit us this weekend to see them.

You may email  your order from the site (links on each page) and we accept Paypal payments online.  Your order will be packed and shipped nearly always within 24 hours of payment receipt.

Thanks for your continued interest and we hope to see you soon!

Zuni Spirits

Site update - 3/23/16 at noon

Greetings!  Just a quick heads up that I am adding ten new pieces to on Wednesday (Mar. 23) at noon.  Jayne Quam, Dinah Gasper, Hudson Sandy, Stephen Natachu, Albert Eustace, Vernon Lunasee and Prudencia Quam round out this small, but wonderful, posting.  Hope you'll tune in.

Many thanks!

Zuni Spirits

Zunispirits Site UPDATE!

Greetings from stormy Texas!

It's hard to believe that windy March is already upon us .. and here in Texas, along with the rather typical threat of flooding, hail and tornados!  The price we pay for having bluebonnets and longhorns for neighbors, I guess.

I hope you and yours are well and looking forward to a change in the seasons.  Darlene has been practicing "catch and release" with the wild violets she finds in the woods and then relocates them to her flower beds.  It really doesn't take much to make her happy.  Another of her paintings was awarded recognition at two shows recently.  If you haven't visited her website,, you should check it out.  I've attached a few links at the bottom of this page.

I've been busy, too, and have the first March posting of new Zuni fetishes ready for your inspection on Tuesday (3.8) at noon.  There are carvings from Lena Boone, Claudia Peina, Max Laate and LOTS of Quams:  Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia, Georgette, Melissa and Lynn.  Esteban Najera, Justin Red Elk and Pete & Dinah Gasper round it out.

You'll find carvings in antler, fish rock (also known as chocolate serpentine), turrquoise, abalone, alunite, jet, angelite and a "found" stone.  (I always LOVE those!)

And there are frogs, owls, bears, fox, buffalo, eagle, badger - a dove and even a hornet!  Here's a sneak peek:

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.

All best wishes,

Zuni Spirits

Here are a few of Darlene's latest works:

Robbies Wren

Divine Light

Late Summer, Houston County

More beauties coming soon -!

Thanks for tuning in!  Just a brief head's up that I'll be posting 17 new and beautiful Zuni fetishes to on Thursday (2.18) at 7 PM, central.

There are carvings by Lena Boone, Claudia Peina, Lynn Quam, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Albert Eustace, Pete & Dinah Gasper, Hubert Pincion and more. You'll find all the colors of the rainbow in carvings of turquoise, antler, serpentine, various marbles, jet, dolomite and lapis.

Price range on this selection is from $24. to $395.

I hope you'll tune in!

Darlene asked me to invite you to view her website.  She's included in another local show and has been fortunate to receive recognition in a couple of online gallery shows recently.   I'm really proud of her and grateful she's doing so well, healthwise, too.  She has an email list, so sign up for her updates!

A few of Darlene's paintings

Thanks for reading this and all best wishes!

Zuni Spirits

Happy Super Bowl! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Weekend!

I hope everybody is having a good weekend so far.  We're seeing the first possibilities of spring here in east Texas.  Darlene says the bluebonnet patch is greening up and I noticed that the tulip trees in beautiful, downtown Palestine are all in bloom.

We're taking the weekend off to enjoy the sunshine but before we do, I wanted to let you know that I'm posting 17 new Zuni fetish carvings to Zunispirits on Monday at noon (Texas time).  There are carvings from Lena Boone, Hubert Pincion, Ruben Najera, Jayne Quam, Claudia Peina, Lynn Quam, Andres Quandelacy and more.  This selection includes denim lapis, antler, fossil ivory, jet and alunite just for starters!

Here's a sneak peek:
Lynn Quam Alunite Buffalo, Claudia Peina Antler Bear and
V. Lunasee and P. Quam Dolomite Medicine Bear 

I hope you'll tune in.  Have a great weekend and go BRONCOS!

Zuni Spirits

First posting of Twenty SIXTEEN!

Greetings and Salutations from Texas!

I hope your New Year is off to a great start and that life is being kind to you all.

I'm looking forward to another year of sharing the talents of the amazing carvers of Zuni.  I've updated the site just now -- with fetishes by Maxx Laate, Claudia Peina, Pete & Dinah Gasper, Justin Red Elk, Cheryl Beyuka and more.  There are some killer stones in this selection and beautiful, innovative carvings.

Here's a peek, but come on by and shop the site!

Thanks for taking a look and I hope to hear from you soon.

All best wishes,

Zuni Spirits