Summer site update! New carvings @

Greetings and Salutations!

 It is my fondest wish that this finds you well and happy. We are in the throes of summer, here in Texas, so "hot as blazes" aptly describes the world outside our air conditioned walls!

 I just wanted to give you a heads up that I am posting new inventory to on Thursday, July 21 at 7 PM, central. This posting includes fetish carvings by Andres Quandelacy, Debra Gasper, Lena Boone, Lynn Quam, Florentino Martinez, Wilfred Cheama, Maxx Laate and others. There are bears, badgers, roses, eagles and mountain lions, to name a few. And the stones include alabaster, turquoise, orthoceras marble, jet, alunite selenite, fossil ivory and pipestone.

Here's a peek:

Hope you enjoy this posting of fabulous Zuni fetishes from the talented artisans of Zuni Pueblo.

All best wishes! 

Zuni Spirits