Site update! - April 22, @ Noon!

Hello from soggy Texas!

While our neighbors to the south and west experienced terrible flooding this week, we remain high and dry here on our sand hill in east Texas and for that, we're grateful!  Thanks to those who wrote or called to ask about us!

Just a brief note here to let you know that I am posting new Zuni fetishes to on Friday (4/22) at noon.  Included in this selection will be carvings by Francis Leekya (d.), Troy Sice, Ruben Najera, Bill Tsikewa, Sr., Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Neil Natewa, Sr. (d.), Rickson Kalestewa, Terry Banteah (d.), Hubert Pincion, Pete (d.) and Dinah Gasper and Delvin Leekya.

There are frogs, mountain lions, rams, horses and more in this offering.  Pipestone, Mother of Pearl, turquoise, dolomite, fossil ivory, malachite, Picasso marble and other stones included.   I hope you'll visit us this weekend to see them.

You may email  your order from the site (links on each page) and we accept Paypal payments online.  Your order will be packed and shipped nearly always within 24 hours of payment receipt.

Thanks for your continued interest and we hope to see you soon!

Zuni Spirits