Almost done ... with the site overhaul!

Okay .. what WAS I thinking? Boxes of Christmas decorations still lurking in dark corners, end of year accounting (big Ewwww!), both the kid's birthdays, post-holiday doldrums PLUS a major case of hoof-and-mouth-bird-flu-diptheria-crud and I feel the need to "re-deaux" the site.

Not only that -- I made an announcement that I was re-doing the site so I know you are all just sitting on the edge of your chairs anticipating it. (smile)

Well, it's almost done .. all the major stuff is back up though it's pretty skimpy until we get new inventory in (due next week). If you find any major bugs, broken links, silly typos, dumb mistakes (remember I've been taking meds!) ... please be so kind as to point them out (without laughing, please). I do try to run a tight ship around here. (another smile) We should have the remaining pages finished and a new posting ready by 1/21 or thereabouts. Thanks for your patience while we de-ornamented, coughed and fed the birds - a lot.

And speaking of that .. here are a few photos of the goldfinches visiting us this past week. They usually don't arrive until January .. but they've been here about six weeks already .. and we NEVER get to see them in full color. For some reason (global warming, I am sure) the males are already wearing their spring wardrobe and they are quite fetching.

We really enjoy feeding the birds but Dave (aka "Elmer Fudd") has a positively outrageous vendetta going with the squirrels. Why it is "okay" to feed the birds and not the squirrels ( "they should be eating acorns!") is beyond the scope of female logic but maybe the rest of you guys get it. He only shoos them away with a BB gun and they don't go far or for very long! I guess they're on to Dave and know his bark is way worse than his bite.

Poor, pitiful squirrel ... NOT!
News travels fast in the woods, I suppose.

I talked with Ephran Chavez last week. He's sending us a few pieces. Ephran is the (former) step-son of Herbert Him and he and his cousins (David & Vince) and his uncle (Leroy) used to sell to us quite frequently on our trips to Zuni. Leroy was known for his little ojo pieces that we all enjoyed so very much. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. And Ephran says that he and David haven't been carving as much as in years past. Ephran has been working for a quarry that mines the moss rocks off the mesas around Zuni. But now that it's winter he has been laid off. We look forward to getting his shipment.

And we're looking forward to sharing all the new guys when they arrive. We know that everyone is tightening their belts but we hope we can entice you all a little with a pretty bear or two. We're going to do our level best anyway! Thanks for looking.

Till later this month ... be happy!
01.08.2008 - Darlene


emm said...

Love the new site and the slideshows of your kids! Looks like you are off to a Happy New Year!

speakdiversity said...

If I may be facetious, squirrels are "called of God" to eat sun
flower seeds which give warmth-creating oil to the winter diet.
SAFFLOWER seed has the same warmth-giving oil properties, but
squirrels DO NOT LIKE safflower seed! Apaprently they can smell it
and avoid it like the plague.
I buy the same size bags iof wild bird seed (including sunflower seeds) and safflower seeds, then mix them half-n-half or 2/3 regular bird seed, 1/3 safflower seed. Safflower seeds are small white seeds about the size of sunflower kernals. They are more expensive than the regular seed mix, but are well worth the joy of welcoming feathered friends without the furry squirrels.
Marilyn of GA