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New Zuni Fetishes @ Zunispirits.com

Our first posting of '09 will be at 7 PM on Thursday, January 22nd. There are some real beauties in this selection of 20 new carvings. Artists include Herbert Him, Sandra Quandelacy, Randy Lucio, Andres Quandelacy, Lynn Quam, Stewart Quandelacy, Jayne Quam, Jonas Hustito, Emery Eriacho, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Amos Pooacha, Stuart Quandelacy, Russell Shack, Derrick Kaamasee, Brian Hattie, Herbert Halate & Claudia Peina.
And you'll see some gorgeous carvings made of antler, amber, turquoise, lapis, Picasso marble, black marble, serpentine, "Wild Horse", shell, pipestone, Egyptian marble and augite. This will be our first of two showings in January, so stay tuned!

Bears: Destination Nepal

The "Journey of the Bears" is now complete! Dr. Kottler and crew returned from Nepal just a few days ago and by his account the fetishes were a HUGE hit with the students and teachers. He also writes this to all of you:
"I wish to humbly and gratefully acknowledge all the generous contributions and donations of Zuni Spirts collectors. Through your kind offerings, 73 children and more than 25 teachers in remote Nepal were given gifts of a fetish to inspire their education and introduce them to the Zuni culture. A letter from the governor of the Zuni Nation was translated into Nepali and read to each of the 8 schools where we operate, from Chitwan near the Indian Border to Lumjung near the Tibetan border, to the Everest area and Kathmandu valley. On behalf of the Madhav Ghimire Foundation, devoted to providing educational opportunities for girls who would not otherwise be able to attend school, I thank you all deeply for your kindness and caring. Just think about the idea that in rural Nepal, 3 or 4 days walk from the nearest road, there is a little girl who lives in a mud hut the size of a closet, and she has a fetish as one of her most cherished possessions. These are children who don't own shoes, who walk barefoot in the Himalayas, who are starving and at-risk to be sold into sex slavery, yet your help has made it possible for many of them to remain in school for another year.
Most sincerely, Jeffrey Kottler Chief Executive Officer, Madhav Ghimire Foundation
I'm hoping there will be more photos to come and, of course, with Dr. Kottler's permission, we will share them all with you -- right here>

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New elements on Zunispirits.com index page

When I overhauled the site a few weeks ago, I made some design changes that you may not be aware of. For instance, have you noticed the vintage photo show that is part of our logo banner? Over the years, we have collected (from various sources) a variety of antique photos of puebloan peoples and places. We'll update these from time to time to keep it interesting and we hope you think the photos are as beautiful as we do.
Just below the logo banner is a banner that shows various headlines of current and previous blog listings. You may click on this link and you'll wind up on a page that shows various blog entries - each of which is "clickable". Just use your "back" button to go back to our website, or click on a topic and you'll wind up HERE, on the blog!
Just below this ZS Blog banner are our link headings. If you mouse over you'll see that each one has a "drop down" menu providing other alternatives. (This should work for most browsers and machines but if you have an issue, please advise.) You'll find all the new Zuni fetishes are on one page, as are any sale items, fetishes listed by carver and items sold this listing or to-date for the year. You can just the "back to the top" links to move around on this page. Each of the thumbnail images will have text (if you mouse over) that tells the carver, material and price but each image is also "clickable" to a full page of information, more photos and further description about this fetish.
Screen shot of the new Zuni Spirits index page


As "Zunispirits", I am writing a series of articles that further express our passion and experience with Zuni fetishes. We hope you'll visit these pages, make comments & suggestions and perhaps pass them on to friends who might also enjoy learning more about this wonderful art form and the talented artisans of Zuni!


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Thanks ya'll!
Darlene 01.22.2008 Zunispirits.com

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