New Zuni Fetishes - 10.19.12

Happy Friday and wishes for a great weekend!

I've just finished posting a selection of new carvings to

We're showcasing two fabulous turquoise piece by Jeff Tsalabutie - "Spring Bears" and a natural Hubei turquoise mountain lion.  Additionally, there are carvings by Claudia Peina, Kenric Laiwakete, Emery Eraicho, Georgette Quam, Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam Lunasee, Jayne Quam, Clissa Martin, Hubert Pincion and more!

Turquoise, pink shell, sodalite, dolomite, fossil marble, soapstone and antler .. bears, mountain lions and frogs.  Oh my.  We hope you'll take time out of your weekend to check out both the new items and the sale items which are listed at the top of the page.

This will be our last posting of October but we'll have at least two in November.  Thanks, as always, for your interest and happy hunting.

Best always,

Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits

Sale @


In happy anticipation of the upcoming holidays I've reduced a selection of sixteen fetishes to sale prices.    There are some really great little carvings here and I hope you'll take advantage of the sale while checking off a few names on your "good" list for Santa!

Additionally, I'm working on a new posting of twelve new fetishes and should have that ready for publication within the week.

Thanks to all of you who have responded to our recent post card mailing.  And we appreciate the new "Likes" on our Zunispirits Facebook page.  While I am mastering most of Darlene's former chores, Facebook is still out of my comfort zone, so Darlene continues to be the ZS Facebook fairy.

I hope everyone is enjoying the change in seasons.  Darlene and I are enjoying the much cooler Texas temperatures and the addition of a few new colors in our "box of  64" outside our windows.

Thanks for your continued interest and support.  We, along with all the talented artisans of Zuni Pueblo, are grateful!

Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits