Award Winner Troy Sice | Estate Sale Find

Hello friends,

One of the things that I love (and there are many!) about being in this business is that we never know what treasure might land on our doorstep.

I was recently contacted by a man who had a very special carving that he had purchased at an estate sale in Tucson.  He sent pictures and asked Zuni Spirits to represent this piece for him on our website.

The pictures were astounding but when the piece arrived I was unprepared for just how amazing it was.  Carved from elk antler, this knifewing measures just under 18" long.  It is spectacularly carved, burnished for additional detail and inlaid with the finest in natural materials.

Troy Sice has been winning awards consistently for some time now, and just this past August he won "Best of Class" at the Sante Fe Indian Market with these two carvings:

Troy Sice
Best of Class
SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market, 2015

On Thursday, Oct. 15th, at 7 PM, I'll be updating the Zuni Spirits website with this most remarkable treasure.  In talking with Troy this past week, we've learned that this piece was carved in 2005 for the retail market.  Somehow, it got from either Gallup or Albuquerque and then, ten years later, ended up in an estate sale in Tucson.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it is, hands down, one of the finest carvings we've had the opportunity to share with you.  I hope you'll tune in on Thursday to see this spectacular piece of Zuni art. 

Here are just a couple of photos to whet your appetite!

I hope that you will tune in on Thurs to see this remarkable piece of Zuni art!  Till then, always ..

All best wishes,