NEW STUFF! ... Almost but not quite YET ...

New arrivals from Zuni yesterday!

Wow ... wait until you see what WE got yesterday from Zuni! It's been a while since we've seen this level of creative energy and Dave and I can't wait to show you all the new Zuni fetishes that arrived in yesterday's mail. We're in the process of inventorying them all in and Dave will begin taking photos this weekend. Next week we're hoping to get a new posting on the site (we're shooting for 1/21) and hopefully we'll get another on within a week or so.

There are some AMAZING pieces coming to a Zuni Web Gallery near you -- and you know I wouldn't kid about that, cowboys and cowgirls!

Another entry at!

I've just published a new article as "Zunispirits" on It's kind of a timeline on how Dave and I got into this whole Zuni-fetish-trading-line-of-work. It was a fluke - and a very happy one at that. Anyway .. hope you'll check it out. And if you have any ideas for other articles you'd like to see written about this passion we all share - give a holler.

And further announcements from your sponsor ...

Ephran Chavez says his shipment will be delayed a bit but we're still looking forward to getting some new work by him.

And we heard from Troy Sice last weekend. He's also working on an order for us. We're really excited about the possibility of getting some new pieces from he and brother, Gabe. They are both very talented young guys and we love their fabulously inlaid pieces.

And we've started a page for on Facebook. It's just another means of communication about what's going on at the site and with Zuni fetishes. You can check it out here and post a comment if you like!

So that's it for this time. I hope you're all well, staying warm and having a great start to the New Year!
Talk to you next week! Happy weekend!

01.16.2008 - Darlene

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