June 30 - New selections at Zunispirits.com

I was reflecting on my first experience with Zuni fetishes the other day.  In our early dating days, Darlene presented me with a large (5" long) jet mountain lion by Prudencia Quam in a beaded fetish bag for my birthday.  Not long after, she and I were fortunate enough to have an extended adventure in the southwest and our first trip to Zuniland.  It changed our lives in a magical way.

Quam Lunasee Calcite Bear

As a child, then as a student and even now, crystalline stones have always been my favorite visual objects. The way light plays through them is kaleidoscopic, magical and as mesmerizing as watching a campfire is. The nature contained inside of stones and how they were formed was important for me to learn in college, and also to understand the processes that formed them. Finding them buried in the ground has always been exciting to me and important, too, as much of my free time outside of my schoolwork was consumed exploring the subject. Even on river trips, Darlene and I could often be found exploring the perimeters of our campsites for "pretty" rocks.

Jayne Quam Jet inlaid wolf

Being able to bring Zuni fetishes to the global online marketplace has become my life and brings me incredible joy, happiness and satisfaction, and I have the carvers of Zuni, the Center Place, to thank for it. Elahkwa, my friends.

Anderson Weahkee (d.) Turquoise frog

I'm posting fifteen new offerings at Zunispirits.com at 7 PM this evening (6.30.13), Texas time.  There are some remarkable carvings from the eighties .. several by deceased carvers whose styles live on in the work of their siblings and other descendents.  A fabulous directional set by Stewart Quandelacy - a first for Zuni Spirits - caused a moral dilemma because we are, after all, still collectors ourselves!

Thank YOU for taking the time to share this wonderful journey with us.  I hope you enjoy this posting.

Best wishes and thanks,

Zuni Spirits