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You know you live in the country when ...

... your town's Main Street is decorated for Christmas by a guy driving a tractor!
The Friday after Thanksgiving one of the city employees was putting up the Christmas decorations on main street in a tractor! Now how many of you have tractor guys decorating your city for Christmastime, hmmmm? Not many I bet! I thought it was great. Besides being such a country-kind-of-thing-to-do I also appreciated that the city fathers waited until AFTER Thanksgiving to start lighting up our fair little town for yuletide.
I always find it annoying that Christmas decorations appear earlier and earlier as time passes and it just takes all the magic away! We hardly get to celebrate Labor Day before the Halloween paraphenalia is EVERYWHERE! But THEN before we even get to "boo" the trick-o-treaters, many stores are all decked out for Christmas! GEEZ!!! So, thank you, Mr. Tractorman for pulling out the old city John Deere with the bucket on front and not putting up the lights until after my turkey and pumpkin pie had gone down!
Though I'll probably be back before Santa actually comes to town, this will be our last posting of new inventory for the year. Dave and I can't thank you enough for all the happy Zuni fetish adoptions in 20-aught eight. It's been a rough year for us all economically, especially these last few months. We know there are lots of places for your dollars to go and we want you to know that we appreciate that your continued support of Zuni Spirits and all our artisan friends in Zuni.

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Mitymous said...

Main street? You've got a main street? With "city employees?" And here I thought y'all lived in the country!

Merry Christmas, ya city slickers!

Darlene said...

I should probably clarify .. yes we do have a "main street" (with nary a traffic light!) And we do have "city employees". Actually I think "tractor guy" was the same guy that I see driving the city truck (logo on the door!) painted in camo so during deer season it doubles as a hunting vehicle. (No kidding.) And while such festivites as lights on our power poles goes in in "town", Dave and I are 11 miles (one way) from such frivolity, two miles down a one lane dirt road (pick a ditch if you meet somebody!) and 3/4 mile behind a gate! So, yes, we do think of ourselves as country dwellers! Ha! Dave can sometimes hear "traffic" on the road but more often than not, this time of year, it's four wheelers with camo-attired passengers.