Greetings from Zuni Spirits!

Claudia Peina | Antler Bear | $65./8.50

Ruben Najera | Antler Eagle | $60./8.50

Avery Quandelacy | GL MOP Wolf | $65./8.50

Lynn Quam | Septarian Nodule Bear | $175/9.25

We're trying something new here @ And we're working on a posting of new Zuni fetishes for early next week. Let us know what you think about the video ( and we hope you'll tune in when all the new Zuni fetishes are ready for viewing.

Thanks, as always, for your interest!

Darlene & Dave

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1 comment:

Stasia said...

Love, love LOVE this presentation! One can really get the "feel" of the fetish from these films.

(Will you be selling CDs of the music in the future also?)

Beautiful work, guys!

I have my gorgeous fetishes from you all on display now... will have to get a pic for you (tho' it will never be as wonderful as those in your book!)

Do let me know if you come across any Halates, or similar... ;) HUGS!