The new and the old

The new:

All text & photographs on Dirt Road Heaven © by Darlene Meader Riggs, 2010

Dave and I unwrapped some new beauties from Zuni yesterday. It's always like Christmas when things arrive from Zuni and we 'ooh' and 'aah' and snatch things from one another's hands claiming "MINE!" when the reality is .. they're not OURS .. they're really yours.

We specifically asked for smaller pieces this time. We know that collecting Zuni fetishes is a luxury and that many of us just don't have that expendable cash that we used to have. Still, it's important that we continue to support this wonderful community of talented artisans and we hope that you will continue to help us do that. So, in an effort to accommodate that wish, the pieces we'll be posting in the weeks to come will be smaller, more affordable pieces. Hopefully someday we'll all once again be able to support the efforts of those artisans who create the larger and more complex pieces of art .. but for now the little beauties will prevail.

We're not sure when the next showing will be, stay turned or please subscribe to this newsletter so that updates to the site are delivered to your inbox. We should get three or four postings in during the month of August. As always, we very much appreciate your interest. Like many people, the last few years have been a struggle for us but Dave and I are committed to this effort. We thank all of you who continue to support Zuni Spirits.

The old:

Dirt Road Heaven is where I post all my rambling thoughts and discoveries about country life. It's basically my little journal of gratitude for the opportunity to live in a place where traffic, sirens, and the amenities (?) of city life are pretty much foreign. We have one caution light in our little town. The only traffic jams occur during the annual Peanut Festival or when you're behind a convoy of tractors enroute to cut hay or a slow moving watermelon truck.

Today's entry is a bit of a departure from the norm and might be of interest to Zuni fetish collectors as it gives some background on how Dave and I started this journey that eventually became Zuni Spirits. Believe me, it was totally unexpected but a path I am so lucky to have taken. I hope you enjoy it.

All text & photographs on Dirt Road Heaven © by Darlene Meader Riggs, 2010

Before I was a dirt road hermit, I was a painter, a mom, a river rat and a desert dweller. Sometimes I was two or three of those things simultaneously and others only from time to time.

All text & photographs on Dirt Road Heaven © by Darlene Meader Riggs, 2010

Though I have no explanation for it, the desert has always been a place of healing for me. Others may think of the desert as an arid, empty void, but spending time there seems to fill me up. There, in the heat and the spare places something in me blossoms. I have a clarity of thought there and resounding peace of mind.

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