We're off to see the Wizard ..

Tin Man Dave & Dorothy Darlene

The HEART Wizard that is

Dave, the Tin Man, has a heart but it's apparently all clogged up again. He flunked his recent stress test despite the fact he neither passed out OR fell off the treadmill. Apparently there are other standards of excellence required to pass a stress test ...

So we'll be out of the office for at least a couple of days while we travel to the Land of Oz, home of the Heart Cath Wizard. Please pray that we don't encounter any Wicked Witches or Flying Monkeys while we journey.

There's No place like home!
Dorothy Darlene
02.17.2009 | Zunispirits.com
Ahhhh.. the colors of our country sunset in the winter!


mitymous said...

Will pray for no flying monkeys, no wicked witches, and a really good outcome with the Wizard.

Shauna Roberts said...

I hope everything goes well through the cath procedure. I've had two. They're not unpleasant at the time, although one is amazingly sore for days afterwards.