Thanks to all of you who have written wondering if we blew away. Almost .. but not quite. We are fine and all our family is doing well even though no one has power. We will probably not have power restored for a few more days but have the kindness of a friend's borrowed generator for the day to keep our freezer from going bad. We are almost 200 miles from the coast as we still got a close up and personal view of Ike's fury. Thankfully all our majestic oaks remained vertical which was a primary concern since our house sits beneath them! Throughout the storm a lone male hummingbird remained at his post guarding the three feeders I left out for emergency feeding. He was really something to see! (It kept my mind off the trees that were bending way too much in the 80 - 100 MPH gusts of wind.) Since we haven't seen news since Saturday we can only imagine what Galveston and Houston have gone thru. It's kind of strange being marooned like this. Thanks again for all your concern.


Mitymous said...

So glad all is well; when you were off line for so long I feared Ike had gotten you guys!

Darlene said...

Hey Lynne,

Still w/o power but we actually found a generator to buy today (a miracle!) so we have cords running to the modem, the fridge, the TV & satellite -- WHAT A LIFE! :)

Can't complain about anything there are so many who are suffering so much. We are just grateful that all our friends, family and their homes are safe.

Thanks for writing!