09.19 & 20.08 Ike effects/The lights are on!

09.20.08 Update - THE LIGHTS ARE ON!

Time to stop loafing and get back to work!
This is Sassy doing what she does best ..

Well, our little sabbatical from electricity has come to an end. Dave and I both jumped when the power was restored last night. Let me tell you -- that first cup of brewed coffee this morning was KILLER! So, we're back at it with gusto.

I've just redone all the sale item pages so that they reflect both the "then" price and the "now" reduced prices. Hope you'll all take a few minutes to flutter thru those pages and find something you positively can't resist.

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I always wanted to be a pioneer woman. Not the kind that lived in town and wore all those petticoats .. more like the Ma on Little House On the Prairie. Or maybe it was just that I thought it would be nice to be married to Little Joe. Ha!

In any case, Dave and I are not quite pioneers but the effects of Ike have surely hampered our idea of modern life. We still do not have power and it may be weeks before we do. Now that our freezer is safe (we moved the whole thing and plugged it in at a friend's house 45 minutes away who never lost power) and we had the good fortune to find a generator at normal retail price, we're actually doing okay. A couple of days ago we saw the news for the first time since Ike's landfall and the pictures from the coast are just horrendous. But you expect people on the coast to have confrontations with hurricanes from time to time. Not that I am not sympathetic, but I think of it as the price you pay for all those days and days of sunshine, beachcombing and beautiful sunsets. But living this far inland we don't expect the kind of impact that Ike has had on so many lives.

Collectors in the Ohio area are telling me storm stories that match the ones being told by people that live in my town! Downed power lines and trees, roof damage - Ike remained quite powerful for a very long time! It just goes to show you (and I think we all need to be reminded from time to time) that despite all our all our technology and knowledge, we are still not in charge and there are some things we just can't amend, fix or avoid.

Apart from my concerns about the safety of my family (they are) and the hope that everyone's home remained intact (they did), I do find the power and sheer size of the storm fascinating. To think that a weather disturbance that started off the coast of Africa wound up in my corner of Texas, blasted us for hours with hurricane force winds and still managed to wreak havoc hundreds and hundreds of miles further inland is just amazing to me.

So are my hummers. I know I am probably boring you all to tears with this but they continue to surprise and delight me. These photos were taken on Sunday when the wind was still blowing so we put the feeders on the deck rail. It's a good thing hummingbirds are not the size of raptors -- I think we'd all be in trouble! Their perserverance in the face of difficult circumstances is inspiring to me. I guess they are getting ready for their flight south and they continue to consume massive quantities of nectar (two gallons a week!) as more and more "northern" birds come thru our area on their way to their winter home. Whoever is down there feeding them - buy LOTS of sugar!

Oh YEAH .. and then there's ZUNI SPIRITS!

Since we have our new, shiny RED generator we are able to respond to emails and orders now but we're only online about half the day. There were a couple of questions about why I didn't post the "then" price with the "now" price on our current sale. With the impending hurricane I opted for the quicker method and it was purely about convenience on my end. I do have all the original prices so I will likely go back and put the "then" price ahead of the "now" price so that you can see what good discounts we're offering on the remaining sale inventory.

We do have new things to show you but we're holding off publishing those in hopes we can move more of the sale items. I like to keep the site compact and easy to navigate. So BUY UP, people! Who needs gasoline and school supplies and dental implants when what you REALLY want is a couple of new Zuni fetishes! (grin!)

We continue to pick up new collectors and that's always a joy. Welcome to those of you who just "found" us. We hope to contribute to your pleasure and fun in collecting Zuni fetishes.

And to those of you who have known us since were but wee-tiny folks (okay, maybe we weren't wee or tiny but we were YOUNGER!) your continued support and friendship means more than we can say. We feel blessed to get emails from OH, AZ, NY, CA, NM, PA, HI, FL, NJ, the UK, Japan, Portugal, France, Ireland, etc. expressing concern for our safety in the wake of the hurricane. Thank you so much! There are so many others who weren't as fortunate and have lost everything. They surely need our prayers and concern.

Okay, I'm outta here, I have to go wash our clothes in the creek. JUST KIDDING!