09.12.08 - Ike's visit - Update

Well Gustav was a no show for us but now we're pretty sure that Ike is headed our way. He will bring a huge storm surge to the coast and flooding to the Houston area but our primary concern would be downed trees, power lines and tornadoes. Any silence from this end for more than 24 hours is an indication that we're no longer internet capable and we'll be back online as soon as we're able!
Thanks everybody and take care!
* * * * *
Where did everybody go???? - SALE @ Zunispirits.com
It's been slower than molasses around here so we decided to liven things up a bit. You'll find that just about everything on the site (everything above the sold section) has been drastically reduced. Here are some tiny photos just to whet your appetite ... but visit the site to see them all up close and personal or you can "mouse over" to see the prices here and each photo is clickable for more information!
Now $45.00!Now $48.00!Now $54.00!Now $45.00!Now $65.00!Now $32.00!Now $28.00!Now $48.00!Now $28.00!Now $54.00!Now $48.00!Now $60.00!Now $60.00!Now $54.00!Now $75.00!Now $32.00!Now $48.00!Now $32.00!Now $75.00!Now $65.00!Now $54.00!Now $48.00!Now $105.00!Now $295.00!Now $90.00!Now $65.00!Now $105.00! Now $30.00!Now $60.00!Now $22.00!Now $95.00!Now $65.00!Now $90.00!Now $36.00!Now $60.00!
Many items have been reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 so don't miss this opportunity to add some great Zuni fetishes to your collection at rock-bottom prices.
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JOURNEY OF THE BEARS We have the happy pleasure of announcing that we have now and met and surpassed our quota of 100 Zuni fetishes for the "JOURNEY OF THE BEARS" project! At this writing we have the promise of 103 total Zuni fetishes (mostly bears ..) to send with Dr. Jeffrey Kottler when he travels to Nepal in December. If you made a pledge and have not yet sent in your donations, PLEASE do so by the end of September if at all possible. Your donations should be sent to Zuni Spirits, P. O. Box 337, Grapeland, TX 758444. Dave and I are so pleased and grateful for the generous response to our call for donations. As in times past when we asked for your help, you exceeded our expectations and made us believe more than ever that Zuni fetish collectors are simply the nicest, kindest folks on the planet. Heartfelt thanks to each of you who participated. Dr. Kottler promised photos from his trip so hopefully early next year we will be able to see the girls and their teachers who were the recipients of your kindness. Please remember to visit the Madhav Ghimire website to learn more about this important organization who sponsors Nepal girls in pursuing their education.


Shauna Roberts said...

So glad to know that Gustav missed you. Very few of my friends in the New Orleans area had damage.

Hope Ike spares you as well. We've been following it carefully all week (some habits are hard to break) and it has been a very unpredictable storm. I'm worried that people won't evacuate in time from the danger areas.

Darlene said...

Thanks Shauna,

Yes, as a former New Orleans resident I can well imagine you still watch the hurricane tracker reports! After Katrina and Rita everyone along the coast is more watchful, I think. Here's hoping is just a good rain for us all ..

Be well!