Okay, I may have this page just about like I want it (for now -- you know I have a low boredom threshold!), so I am about to email all of you who normally receive our site updates to let you know you'll need to subscribe here in order to be notified when we add new Zuni fetishes to ZUNI SPIRITS in the future.

There are several reasons for the change, not the least of which is my own ISP who's giving me grief over the number of emails we're sending each month. Hopefully, the transition will go smoothly and you'll all still get your update notices. I promise not to write here everyday and inundate your inbox! In addition to subscribing via email (and you may unsubscribe at any time), those of you have RSS readers, may opt to get it in RSS form.

Our next posting of NEW ZUNI FETISHES will be early next week. We have a bundle of 15 new guys to show you and among them:

  • Bernard Homer
  • Ed Lementino
  • Gale Lucio
  • Troy Sice
  • Debra Gasper
  • Calvert Bowannie
  • Fitz Kiyite
  • Cheryl Beyuka
  • Carol Martinez
  • Fabian Tsethlikai
  • Edison Bobelu
  • Lena Boone
  • Hayes Leekya
  • Herb Halate
  • and Juana Homer

And we're planning another small posting later in August.

* * * * * * *

THE JOURNEY OF THE BEARS HAS BEGUN! And the first of the donor fetishes arrived yesterday! So far we have been promised 54 Zuni fetishes to share with the teachers and scholarship girls of THE MADHAV GHIMIRI FOUNDATION. I am hopeful there will be more and I am thinking I will contact some of our carver friends in Zuni to see if they will be so kind as to donate a few carvings. I may even hit up some of the other traders!

Here are a few videos you may watch to see the children and the good work of Dr. Jeffrey Kottler and THE MADHAV GHIMIRI FOUNDATION.

* * * * * * *

My friend Wells Mahkee, Jr. who is the Managing Editor of the Navajo Hopi Observer, sent me photos of the 2008 Gallup Ceremonial parade. Check it out!

Thanks for your time!

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