08.28.08 New stuff at noon!

We're posting new Zuni fetishes to the website at noon (CDST) today and we hope you'll take a look. This will be our last posting of the month but we'll be back around next month with more beautiful Zuni fetishes. We've also restored a sale section to the site, so be sure to check that out as well!
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Here are some group shots of some of the fetishes that have arrived on their trip toward Nepal. We cannot thank you enough for your participation!

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IT'S NOT TOO LATE! If you would like to donate a fetish to this worthy cause, please send it carefully wrapped to Zuni Spirits, P. O. Box 337, Grapeland, TX 75844 by the end of October. We are hoping for 100 donations so more are needed! Thank you for your consideration!
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Yesterday, even though I still had writing to do, I needed a break. And despite the fact that the heat is stifling there are times when I just have to get outside. So Maggie and I went for a gator ride through the woods.
In the last couple of weeks we've had over ten inches of rain so I was thinking I would find some great mushrooms to photograph. (I have an amazing photo-file of fungi! But I won't bore you with it here! Ha!) I found a lot of them but most of them had already grown gangly and some had been toppled over by the creatures who snack on them. (Most likely (ugh!) feral pigs.) I did find one, intact, not overgrown bonafide-looks-like-a fairy-house mushroom. I guess it wasn't the tasty kind but it sure is cute.
It was the beauty berries, though that were stealing the show. Callicarpa americana (American beauty berry) grows with wild abundance in our woods. It's a beautiful shrub that produces the most gorgeous magenta berries in the late summer. The berries (birds love 'em!) hang on even after the foliage (reportedly a favorite of deer) has dropped off. Reportedly, this plant even repels mosquitos! So it looks like the beauty berries are more than just beautiful!
There's been a hummingbird population explosion at our house! Most of the time we can see at least 20 (okay, some are blurs!) so I know there are at least twice that many sharing our woods. We have eight feeders all around the house and I have to refill them about twice a week, going thru at least two gallons of nectar a week! This was the first year our hostas bloomed so we didn't realize how much we and the hummingbirds would enjoy them. Between them and the bumblebees, there was constant daytime activity.
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Okay .. that's it for August! See you next month and thanks, as always, for your continued interest! Dave and I wish you all the best!

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