Greetings from Zunispirits!

It's been a long, long time since you've heard from me (Darlene), but I wanted to let you know that after eight years and lots of ups and downs, I am back at work at

I will continue to pursue my painting, but will devote a portion of each day to promoting the artisans of Zuni and perpetuating the love of Zuni fetish carvings here on

Dave will continue to be responsible for photography, ordering, communication, invoicing and shipping.  I will be doing all the website updates and social media.  Hardly a full plate, but with my other passions, something I should be able to maintain, even with my "new normal".

We will continue to offer site update notices here, but the majority of our posting will be on our Facebook page, Pinterest and on Instagram.  So we hope that you'll like/follow us on those venues.

We did a small update to site last week and I will have another, small but potent offering ready next week.  Ricky Laahty, Thelma & Aaron Sheche, Lena Boone, Maxx Laate, Herbert Him and Milton Honawa among them.

Dave and I are grateful for all of you who hung in there with us when our priorities were so far from the business at hand.  Cancer was definitely a life changer .. but not always in a bad way.  We now know that we're tougher than we imagined and have been gifted with faithful friends who truly care.

All best wishes,


Dave & Darlene
Zuni Spirits

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