8.7.18 ||| More new beauties at Zunispirits.com!

Happy Tuesday!

Many thanks to all of you who reached out after my last email.  It's so good to see your familiar "faces" in my inbox!  For so many years (more than we'd like to admit!) so many of you have been faithful friends to Dave and I.

And to answer your questions, yes, the past eight years have been a rough patch!  I wasn't prepared for the aftereffects of cancer treatment and naively thought I would bounce back immediately after chemo, surgery & radiation.  But the side effects of prevention meds are a whole other nasty can of worms.  And the seemingly endless biopsy scares always knocked my "I'm well" confidence back to  a new low.  But the upside of ALL of that is that I am STILL HERE, STILL CANCER FREE and finally seem to recently regained the lost parts of  myself. So, thanks for your prayers, well wishes and concern.  

MOVING ON!  We've been working hard to restore the "OOMPH" to Zuni Spirits and there are lots of good things coming up.  In the last week or so we've added a variety of carvings to the site and here are just a few images of what's new @ Zunispirits.com .

Milton Honawa
Picasso Marble

Lena Boone
Red slag glass

Bill Tsikewa (d.)

Staley Natewa, (d.)
Picasso marble

Stuart Quandelacy
Mother of pearl
Cornmaiden Necklace (Double sided)

Staley Natewa (d.)
Picasso marble
Horned lizard on Pueblo
In other news, I recently entered three pieces in a juried show and all three were accepted!  So Dave and I will be heading out west in October for the WesternTrappings show on the Llano river.  Here are my entries:
Siwolo, Embellished Buffalo Skull
High Hopes, Oil

Clancy's Pride, Watercolor
(Sorry about the reflection!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this .. and thanks for your continued support of Zunispirits.com.  If you haven't stopped by in a while, please do!

All best wishes!

Dave & Darlene
Zuni Spirits

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