Greetings from the Piney woods!

I hope you'll take a spin around the Zunispirits website as I have put twenty five Zuni fetishes on sale this morning!  Lynn Quam, Patrick Wallace, Alonzo Esalio - - even a Edna Leki carving has been reduced.  Just click the link above and scroll past the "new stuff" to the items that are now on sale.

I hope you find something you just can't DO without!

I think our recent email issues have been resolved but remember you can reach me at:

  • david at zunispirits dot com
  • darlene at zunispirits dot com
  • zunispirits at yahoo dot com 

(Discreetly disguised to fool the spambots! Please use proper email syntax!)

All best wishes for a Happy Spring (& fast approaching Summer!)

Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits

Darlene's shot of a dragonfly by the pond.

Gypsy.  Our newest rescue pup.

Darlene calls them "Honeymoon Beetles".  :)

Wooly whites - a prolific wildflower in these parts. 

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