Hello my little lovelies ... NEW carvings @ Zunispirits.com

I hope you have enjoyed our recent postings of new Zuni fetishes. I have to say .. it feels really good to be back at work and focusing on something other than Darlene's next doctor appointment!

I've just added fifteen new fetishes to the site. And (maybe it's just me but) this is a good one! The variety of traditional carvings by favored artisans is pretty outstanding. Love the color and variety of stones in this publication as well.

So, I hope you'll take a minute to stop by and see the new guys. I'm particularly excited about the Stuart Quandelacy gold-lipped Mother of pearl maiden and the Stewart Quandelacy turquoise medicine bear.

Thanks as always for your interest and support. Remember that every carving you add to your collection perpetuates that carver's ability to continue supporting his family with his art. Every carving you add to your collection enables the symbolism and beauty of Zuni fetishes to go on. Traditions will endure despite the economy or the trendiness of collecting Zuni fetishes but Darlene and I enjoy knowing that we are just a tiny part in keeping this part of Zuni life in place. A special thank you to the people of Zuni who persevere and have such devotion to the culture and history of their people.


Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits

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