First New Posting of July!

Greetings from East Texas!

Lynn Quam Medicine Bear
Septarian nodule, inlaid on both sides!

Just a brief head's up to let you know we've added fifteen new and wonderful Zuni fetish carvings to  This first posting of July has carvings by Stewart Quandelacy, Lynn Quam, Claudia Peina and Clissa Martin, just to name a few.  You'll find beautiful turquoise, Septarian nodule, jet and travertine among the stones.  Love snails?  We have one just for you!  Bears, fish, moles and other Zuni critters just waiting to join your collection.  Take a minute and have a look!

Thanks, as always for your interest!

Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits

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