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Greetings fellow Zuni fetish collectors!

This morning I have added a few items to the sale section, reduced some of the items already there and made a video for your viewing pleasure. (And all on ONE cup of coffee!) Are you enjoying the videos?

Rest assured that "moving pictures" will never replace Dave's fabulous stills but it's a quick and (hopefully!) pleasurable way to see what's happening here at ZS.

We're posting 17 new fetishes on WEDNESDAY (10/7) at noon, central. Hope you'll stop by for that. I think you'll enjoy the selection and you can get a peek at them in the video. If you have any questions, email me!

So .. without further adieu .. click to view!

I'll be away Thurs - Monday but Dave will be here to answer your emails, etc. No shipping of new items until Monday unless you have a 'fetish emergency' in which case we'll always willing to try!

Thanks for your interest and, always!, your support of Zuni Spirits and the talented carvers of Zuniland! Elahkwa!

Dave & Darlene

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