10.10.08 New Zuni Fetishes @ Zunispirits.com

There are 21 new and beautiful Zuni fetishes for your perusal at this link . And here are some tiny thumbnails to tease you with:
The sale section continues and we've not only reduced the prices to accommodate the economic meltdown we're all feeling, we've also added a couple of new guys to the mix. Check it out here.
* * * * * The Zuni Salt Lake
I talked with Governor Norman Cooeyate yesterday and he shared with me that there is yet another battle to save the Zuni Salt Lake. You may remember (or can read about it here), that some years ago a coal mine was threatening the very existance of the "Salt Woman" - one of Zuni's most sacred deities. Zuni won that battle but yet another looms. The primary concern expressed by the Governor is that this entity "has deeper pockets that the last one did". Governor Norman asked me to inform you all and as soon as he provides me with more information I will post it here with any instructions on how we might help out.
* * * * *
We sincerely thank those of you who participated in our request for Zuni fetishes to send to the little girls of Nepal whose educations are being supported by the Madhav Ghimire Foundation. We have received 95 of our 110 promised donations. If you made a pledge and still wish to donate we ask you to PLEASE get your donations to us NO LATER THAN 10/31. Please send to ZUNI SPIRITS - The Journey Of The Bears, P. O. Box 337, Grapeland, TX 75844
* * * * *
... for those of us who make our living via the internet. A recent survey found that 81% of consumers don't trust small online businesses. Of course we're all having trouble trusting just about anyone, any institution or any political candidate these days .. but it got me to thinking. Dave and I have always tried to make Zuni Spirits a comfortable collecting experience and since we're still here (and so many others are not) we have to believe we are doing something right. At any rate, we invite you to participate in the poll on the upper right (for those of you who are receiving this via email .. you'll have to go to the REAL blog and answer the poll there.
* * * * *
For those of you who are passionate about collecting Zuni fetishes, keeping meticulous records is not just an option, it's a real necessity. Knowing when and from whom you purchased your fetish, the carver and the price you paid will serve you well. Once you have more than a dozen (and hey, that didn't take long, did it?), you will eventually forget the very details we're discussing. It's easy enough to do and done on a regular basis (when you receive a new addition) it's not all that big a chore.
Whether you set up a database on your computer (and remember to back this up to another source from time to time!) or just make entries by hand in a notebook, keeping up with these details might not seem like a big thing now -- but when we're all old and gray and those Emery bears we all have in every color are worth a FORTUNE - it will be nice to have that provenance!
Seriously, take a moment to think about your collection, what you have invested and take some time to document your acquisitions!
* * * * *
Dave and I enjoyed a couple of days away this past weekend to a place I'd never been before. Caddo lake is the only natural lake in the State (and we share it with Louisiana because well, we're just that way ... ha!) and it's spectacularly, beautifully wild. We saw lots of herons and wood duck, otters, a beaver den and the commotion made by baby alligators (they hatched last month) but not the gators themselves.
The Eagles' Don Henley grew up in the area and underwrites the Caddo Lake Institute for its continued preservation. Here is another website that has some nice Caddo photos on it.
And here are a few photos that Dave took.
Thanks and see 'ya next time!

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