New Zuni Fetishes on
Greetings Fellow Zuni Fetish Collectors!

I'll be adding the fetishes in the photo above to the website on Thursday, February 20th, at 7 PM, Central time.  This collection includes carvings by Lynn Quam, Virginia Toombs, Patrick Wallace, Fernando Laiwaikete, Brian Yatsattie, Bernard Homer, Jr., Hayes Leekya, Burt Awelagte, Ernie Mackel, Josh Leki, Eldred Quam, Marilyn Quam & Hubert Pincion.  Stones are turquoise, apple coral, fluorite, serpentine, gold-lipped Mother-of pearl, amber, black, zebra and Picasso marbles, Zuni sandstone, ricolite and Montana talc. 

This will conclude new postings for February and I'll be back with more beautiful, authentic Zuni fetish carvings in March.

See ya then!

Here are a few photos Darlene has taken recently of our life, here in the woods of East Texas:  
Walnut tree bud
Deer track & Darlene's toe

Maple tree bloom

Pileated woodpecker lunch counter
Cedar in the last ice storm

Winter grass
Pine in the last ice storm

Winter skies and naked oak ..
(we're ready for Spring.)
Thanks for looking and we'll see you Thursday evening!

Best always, 

Dave during one of our rare Texas snow storms of 2010

Zuni Spirits

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