July 19 - Next new posting of Zuni fetishes!

Edna Leki (d.)
Hello out there in cyber world!

I hope everybody is enjoying their summer.  It's typically hot and humid here in east Texas but we've enjoyed some rain recently and that makes everybody happy.  

Darlene makes humming bird nectar every few days as our feeders are constantly under surveillance by our flock of hummers.  She's enjoyed watching the two clutches of baby Eastern Phoebe flycatchers, and two clutches of baby Carolina Wrens.  The flycatchers built a nest of moss and pine needles above our front door and the wrens .. well, the wrens have no pride.  They built their hap-hazard nest in a bucket (turned sideways) on top of the chicken coop!  So much for country life!

Stewart Quandelacy
Y. Robert Halusewa

I'm posting some beauties this Friday (7.19) at noon, Texas time, to zunispirits.com.  You'll want to tune in because in this selection are both recently carved fetishes and some from the past.

  Beautiful stones and sought-after carvers and I've also marked some things down, so check out our sale items, too.

Albert Calavaza
Kateri Sanchez
Stewart Quandelacy

So, we hope to see you persuing the "aisles" here at Zunispirits.com on Friday at noon.  Till then, have a good week and thanks for your interest.

Zuni Spirits

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