Regarding the Journey of the Bears

Children of Nepal

Dave and I received this email this morning and asked permission from Heather to share it all with you!

HI Darlene & David,

My name is Heather Guay and I am the director of volunteers for the Madhav Ghimire Foundation! I went on the recent trip to Nepal to visit the scholarship girls and present them with their scholarships, school supplies,and their Zuni Spirits fetishes.

The Nepalese people are very spiritual and as you may know, they have many gods and many different beliefs and customs about spirits and gods...I was a bit nervous as to how they may perceive the fetishes at first....I did not know if they would think they were some "foreign" gods or something....I was thrilled when I saw just how much they adored their fetish gifts! The girls handled them with exquisite care and they adored them. The other children in the villages at each school were intrigued with these fetishes as well and they gathered around to see them. I wondered what they were thinking as they viewed the beautiful little carved treasures.

I just wanted to let you know that your gifts were/are so appreciated. I wanted to share with you what I saw and experienced and how truly your gifts made a difference in lives far across the ocean! I will return this summer to teach English in several of our villages. I will look for the fetishes to find out how they are doing... :D

Thank you,

Heather Guay

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Darlene & Dave


AK said...

Hi Darlene!
It is great to hear from somebody who was really *there* to witness the reaction upon seeing the Zuni fetishes; I'm glad to learn that the fetishes were received with admiration and appreciation :) Thank you for sharing this!

Darlene & Dave said...

Hi A!

Yes, I agree. It's nice to have an account by an eye-witness. I was a little concerned about the reception as well but it looks like the girls and their teachers truly value their Zuni fetishes! Thanks for writing & be well!


Shauna Roberts said...

That's wonderful that the girls treasure their fetishes. Your post brought a smile to my day.

Darlene and Dave said...

Thanks Shauna. I'm so glad! Can you imagine being there?