24 New guys @ Zunispirits.com

Greetings from Dave and Darlene!

We've added 24 new fetishes to the website and we hope you'll take a look. The variety in this showing is excellent. There are carvings by 19 different artisans and prices range from $45.00 to $175.00. Stones include turquoise, gold-lipped Mother of Pearl, antler, lepidolite, Petosky stone, Afghan lapis, Belgian marble, Zuni rock, travertine, labradorite, honey onyx, onyx, white marble, Picasso marble, serpentine and some strange creature called "tiglite". Hm. Okay .. you heard it here first. TIGLITE.

We should get another showing posted before the end of November. Don't forget that Christmas is coming (sooner than any of us would like to think about) and we are happy to gift wrap your selection at no charge. We can also ship to your recipient if you so desire. Dave looks really cute in his elf-hat .. so let us be your Christmas helpers!

We've received another shipment of our books and our publisher has upgraded our paper to premium. We are now in four countries and fourteen states! Keep those orders coming, please!

Fall has come to our woods but it's not just our leaves that are turning orange ..
our butterflies are too!

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emm said...

Gorgeous butterfly! I had to watch the slide show a few times, it was so beautiful! Thanks for posting it- M